My First Visit To Derawan Island: Fell In Love With The Blue Sky and The Crystal Clear Water

Finally my bucket list of visiting Derawan Island is checked. Although not staying at Derawan Island (we choose to stay at Maratua Island instead), we visited Derawan Island as part of our island hopping activity.

From our resort in Maratua Island, we visited Sangalaki island to see the baby turtle, then we headed to Derawan Island. Our boat reached the jetty at Derawan Island around 11 am, it was a hot sunny day indeed. However the sun made all the pictures more beautiful. Including the picture with Derawan's iconic signage.

Hello from Derawan

The Jetty Of Derawan Island

I was told that there are several jetties in Derawan, but our boat stopped at this jetty. We saw some people were snorkeling around the jetty, no wonder the water was so inviting to snorkel!

One of the jetty at Derawan Island, the picture was taken from our boat
Our boat

We walked down from the jetty to the island, and I realize that the jetty has a direct access to some of the resort. And lucky us that we were greeted by a turtle. A giant one.

What a beautiful creature
Welcome to Derawan Island :)
Some of the resorts located on the water
Passing one resort, closest to the jetty

Derawan Island is more crowded compared to Maratua Island, our guide said that Derawan is more for backpackers. Whilst in Maratua, it is packed with private resorts. 

Enjoying Mendoan & Coconut  

From the jetty, we walked to the iconic signage of Derawan. It was approaching lunch time, we were hungry, and we found one small warung which provide coconut and fried tempeh (or Mendoan).

Our group stopped at the this warung and took something to eat.

The Warung
Mendoan and the fresh coconut

Took some pictures around the warung, this place is so peaceful and of course beautiful.

Look at the sky
The resorts once again from another angle

Visiting Kampung Wisata Bahari

Before going back to Maratua, we visited Kampung Wisata Bahari for a quick shopping. I bought a fridge magnet for IDR 25,000. A bit expensive, but there are not many people that day, so I didn't bargain the price.

I wonder how they are making money if the tourists coming to Derawan Island do not spend money for buying the souvenirs.

Maybe this place is getting busy during the holiday season
I choose this turtle
This one is also cute

Beside the souvenir shops, I also saw bicycle rental. Maybe exploring the island on bike will be on my agenda if I visit Derawan again with mr.husband.

The souvenir shops
Various bike to be rented


Although only a short visit, but this island had stollen my heart. I love how beautiful the sky was and how clear the water. Our kiddos would love snorkeling and swimming at Derawan Island. How I wish I could go back once more and take mr.husband and our kiddos to stay at Derawan Island.

And when I left the island, took some pictures from the boat. And I said to myself: wait for me Derawan, I will be back!

Derawan Island from afar
Bye for now Derawan Island

Written on November 3, 2019
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