Café Asix Bandung

Located in Jalan Talaga Bodas Bandung (just beside hotel Harmony Inn 1), this cafe is one of our ‘must visit places’ in Bandung.

It’s small but cozy and serve variety of food at reasonable prices. Strating from 11 a.m. you can order Italian Pizza for IDR 25,000 large portion, variety of Fried Rice for IDR 15,000 and from 6 – 11 a.m they serve chicken porridge for IDR 8,000.

I love the pizza (they baked the pizza in a traditional way, as you may see from the picture), it comes with a very tasty Italian sauce, which makes the pizza difference than others. I also like the “Nasi Goreng Cikur” (one of the fried rice variety). For the

drink try “Sereh Ice Tea” and for the appetizer, try “Pangsix”. They also have steak, but I have never tried it there.
In each table, they provide games like ‘Ular tangga’, ‘Halma’etc. so we can play while waiting for our food to be served.

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