Je Jamuran Jogjakarta

Bored with Gudeg or Soto while you’re in Yogyakarta? Try this place and I guarantee you’ll love it: Je Jamuran! Jamur means mushroom, so this restaurant serves nothing but mushroom! They grew the mushroom by themselves as you may seen in the back of this restaurant. Not only they sell the cooked food but also varieties of the fresh mushroom.

Located in Jalan Raya Magelang KM 10, if you’re heading to Borobudur from Yogyakarya through Jalan Raya Magelang, you will find the sign to this resto. So from Yogya, you still have to turn right and after 800 meter, you’ll find this resto on your left. This resto is dominated with wood, so everyone will feel homey inside this resto.

We had fried crispy mushroom, spicy mushroom bbq, mushroom satay and tongseng muashroom. I love the satay very much! It tastes like chicken believe it or not... the fired crispy mushroom was also soo crunchy, be careful with the spicy mushroom bbq, as it’ really hot!! I have never liked tongseng before, and I didn’t like the mushroom tongseng either. But however the taste is very unique!
All of the food and drinks listed on the menu are very cheap! For 10 pieces of satay, we only have to pay Rp 8,000... all the food range from Rp 7,000 to Rp 15,000. Very cheap for such a healthy food!

Two thumbs up for the owner of this place..for his idea..for the yummy food.. Heard that he’s a pension man and tried to open a business on his own. And when you come to this place and happened to meet the guy, you’ll agree with me that he looks very healthy and happy.. for sure he does his business with all of his passion! Hope when I pension someday, I will come up with a brilliant idea just like the owner of Je Jamuran.

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