Old Chang Kee at Mall Kelapa Gading (‘MKG’)

Now let’s talk about light snack from Singapore that now are available in Indonesia..Old Chang Kee at Mall Kelapa Gading. Actually you can also find it in Senayan City and E-X plaza as well, but as from those three malls MKG is the nearest mall from our office, so we often go there to buy Old Chang Kee.

You can find fried foods from fish balls *this is our fave!*, squid, curry puff, siomay, crab, in sticks which contains of three pieces. One stick cost from Rp 6,500 to Rp 8,000, same price with Old Chang Kee in Singapore.

Don’t forget to add the sambal to your fried snacks. The sambal is really hot that made you want to add the snacks more and more.

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