Review on Hop Inn Hongkong

This is where we stayed in Hongkong for two nights. We paid HKD 940 for both nights and we really enjoyed our stay at Hop Inn. The owner Wilson is still so young and very helpfull. We took picture with him in front of his desk.

Hop Inn located in Hankow Road - Tsim Sha Tsui ('TST') area, where we could walk to Pierre Harbour (ferry going to Central), China Ferry terminal (ferry going to Macau), MTR station, Avenue of stars, malls, shops, kowloon park and also kowloon mosque. And especially for us, we were fortunate that just under Hopp Inn we can find a Halal Indian Resto. Perfect hotel!

The building name is Hanyee builiding, Hop Inn located on the second floor.

Hop Inn only has 9 rooms, with different decoration for each room. The room is very small, but any budget hostel in Hongkong has about the same room size. The shower is transparent, look how sexy it is..hahaha..

The hotel provides mineral water, and a table where we could make coffe or instant noodle.

And also they have reading corner, where we could borrow books, especially travelling book regarding Hongkong, Macau and its surronding (thanks Wilson for lending us Macau book, it was really helpfull).

So I would recommend this hotel to anyone staying only with friends or spouse. The location is great, very clean and well maintained hotel. But for those staying with children, I guess the roos are too small.

Thanks Hopp Inn for making our stay in Hongkong a memorable one! Keep up the good work Wilson!

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  1. hello! nice trip report and pictures:) i would just like to ask if they provide unlimited mineral water or just a bottle for a day? thanks!

  2. And btw, is it 940hkd 2nights for 3pax already or just for two? Thanks!

  3. Hai, thanks for visiting my blog. Yes 940 HKD was for two pax. And yes the mineral water is unlimited. Are you going to stay there as well?

  4. miss, sy akan ke HK januari dpn. sy berminat utk menginap disana. bgmn cr bookin'nya ya, thanks.

  5. Hallo mas/mba (sorry ga ada namanya sih:p), silahkan booking lewat web nya aja atau email langsung Have fun ya :)

  6. sis, need ur thought on hop inn..
    will be going to HK this nov..
    can i have ur mail pls?

  7. this is a double room, kan?
    rm386 equivalent for 2 nights is quite decent!
    i dah email simon, cuma tinggal confirmation sahaja...but rasanya the rates dah naik a bit.

  8. Nice blog and review.. Next year,i'll be going to hk as well. And wanna get ur advice about accomodation in hk. Beside hop inn, do u know another place because in hop inn the shower is transparant.haha..would u mind let me know hostel with nice,tidy as well as hop inn but have door for bathroom.;p

  9. Hi, I haven't stayed in other hostel in HK. If I may advise you, go to tripadvisor forum on HK, and find the 10 top ranked of hostel in HK. Or go to and searh for 10 top hostel voted by their reviewer. Both ways always work for me. Good luck and have fun in HK:)

  10. Dear Zurin, sorry for my late reply. Somehow I didn' receive the notification of your comment. My email is

  11. Dear Mrs. Tesya,

    Thanx God, because of Your Blog.. I finally found the accomodation that based on My budget for My next Travelling at Hong Kong..

    I wanna ask You some question, May I know How many days of your travelling days when you at Hong Kong? I saw your story when you went to hong kong.. and I thought you almost visited all famous place at Hong Kong.. :)

    Thanx.. ^^

  12. Hallo Miss Videl, saya waktu itu di HK nya full 3 hari. Kalo mau saya share itinerarynya, email aja ya..

  13. Mba Tesya..

    Huaahh.. cuma 3 hari.. Mau dunk mba Itin.nya... bisa tulung email ke aku? ke

    Thanx yah Mba.. ^^

  14. Hi mba, salam kenal.

    saya ada rencana ke macau dan hkg may tahun depan. bisa bantu itirenarynya ke

    untuk hopp inn, rate untuk 4 pax 1 kamar berapa ya mba?

    thanks before

    1. Hai juga mba, cek email ya...rate skrg untuk hop inn aku udah ga update nih, coba tanya by email kesini ya:

      Aku kesana Feb tahun depan Insya Alloh, tapi karena bawa anak ga di hop inn lagi hehehe

  15. Halo mbak, sudah ke Hongkong lagi? Boleh minta itirenary nya? Aku juga bawa anak, Mbak. Rekomendasi menginap dimana ya?

    1. Hallo Nia, iya kami baru kembali dari HK. Bisa dibaca ceritanya disini ya:

      Aku nginap di JJ hotel Wanchai, very recommended, apalagi buat yg muslim karena dekat dengan Islamic Center, yang di kantin nya ada halal dimsum:)

      Aku akan segera posting tentang JJ hotel, hotel yang cocok banget deh buat liburan dengan anak ke Hongong.

      Itin nya boleh donk, tlg email ke aku ya