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If you are looking for an affordable hotel in Hongkong, especially when you are traveling with kids to Hongkong, we would recommend JJ hotel, the hotel where we stayed with our kiddos (at that time 3 and 5 yo). I rate this hotel excellent in the tripadvisor review (I seldom give excellent rating so far).

Right after we booked a promo ticket to HK back in March 2012, we search for what so called "the right" hotel for our family. That would mean: affordable price, strategic location, near to restaurant serving halal food in Hongkong, and allow us to take 2 kids (most of the hotel policy stated that they only allow to take one child). 

We spent hours on booking.com and finally decided to book a free cancellation room at JJ Hotel in Wanchai area. We booked the premier room, as we needed space for the four of us. We sent email to the hotel prior to our booking, asking the hotel whether is it ok if we take two kiddos to share the room with us. They replied promptly saying that it is ok, but they won't provide any additional pillow and also blanket. The cost of our room is HKD 980 excluding 10% tax, room only (the room was booked in April 2012 while our trip was in Feb 2013). 

When we arrived at the hotel, we found the hotel to be exactly "very central" to everything just like the reviews that I have read about this hotel. Just beside the hotel, there is Yoshinoya (non-halal), and at the basement (exit the hotel entrance, turn left, and go downstairs) you will find welcomm supermarket, where the price is way cheaper compared with Seven Eleven. I did some research regarding the hotel location, I saw on the google map that there are some bus stops around the hotel. However I have never imagined that the bus stops were so close to the hotel.

Upon arrival to the building called Lucky Center, we were informed by the security to go to 9th floor, the reception of JJ Hotel. Yes, this hotel doesn't have any lobby, but hey who needs a lobby? All we need was spacious room with affordable price.

The check in process was fast, we had to pay deposit of HKD 500, which is refundable. We were given a key room to room number 1205, and we had to walk by ourselves to find our room. A little bit strange, but again, it was no problem for us.

And this is the room and bathroom of JJ Hotel. For the price we paid, it was really worth it! The bathtub in the room was a surprise for us, I didn't notice at the time of the booking that the JJ Premier room has one. And of course our kiddos love the bathtub. It has a fast and free wifi in the room! A safe deposit box is also available in the room.

Getting to JJ Hotel from the Hongkong Airport

By Bus A11: this is the cheapest option, you can pay by octopus cost HKD 40 for adult and HKD 20 for the child fare. Alight at bus stop "Stewart Road" (the 11th bus stop from the airport, don't worry just read the running text on the bus for the "next bus stop"). Than walk to the direction of Shell, cross the road, and just walk straight to Fleming Road. At the end of the road, you will find JJ Hotel.

By Airport Express Train: alight at Hongkong Station, take free shuttle bus to Novotel Century (take the free shuttle bus H1 route), and walk from Novotel to the hotel. It is approx. 5-10 mins walk.

Halal Food Near JJ Hotel

For Muslim, eating in Hongkong is not that easy, so to stay at a hotel near halal food in Hongkong is very important for our family. JJ Hotel is located only 10 minutes away from the Islamic Center in Wanchai, which has a canteen serving halal dim sum and also halal Cantonese food! 

Bus Stops near JJ Hotel

You can take bus 75 or 90 from the bus stops near the hotel which can take you to the Ocean Park. Bus 101 will take you to Admirality. JJ hotel located on Wanchai Road, the bigger road is the Hennesy Road having more bus options. Rather than walk to exit A3 Wanchai MTR station (the nearest MTR exit to the hotel), we  prefer taking bus as the walking distance is much shorter:p Actually, we had never visited Wanchai MTR although the closest MTR station from JJ hotel is Wanchai MTR station.

Tram Station

The JJ hotel is only 3 minutes away from dingding tram station "Fleming Road". We took the tram when we went for shopping to Causeway Bay. Too bad we didn't have time taking the tram to the Western Market.

Our Kiddos enjoyed their stay at JJ hotel, and that is one of the most important thing for us:)

written on March 2, 2013 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Brad Thompson7/8/13 1:32 PM

    When I was looking for an office space in Hong Kong I found a beautiful hotel name called JJ hotel. The food and beverages were delicious there.

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment, we love our stay at JJ Hotel as well.

  2. This is called a perfect family hotel. Hotel JJ seems wonderful and affordable. I love to travel and explore diverse places and whenever I go to any overseas location, I prefer to stay in 5 star hotels. Last month, I went Killarney for a business meeting and I stayed in Killarney Hotels which is one of the most reputable and luxurious hotels in Killarney. The hotel is situated in the main city area so all the main attractions are near from this hotel. The room was large enough to accommodate the needs of business meeting. I enjoyed the stay over there.

  3. Hai Bella, sorry I just notice your comment. Thanks foe the hotel recommendation.

  4. Hi mbak tesya..saya rencana mau ke HK ber 5 (anak 3 org) umur 11,9 dan 5 thn..kalau utk booking kamar sebaiknya tipe apa ya mbak..utk premier room boleh gak masuk 5 orang..??

    1. Hai Mas, sebetulnya strict sih mereka. Atau coba caraku dulu aja, aku email mereka minta ijin bawa dua anak.

  5. Hi mbak... mau nanya kalau kondisi kamar apakah keliatan bgt ya kalo old furnised?
    Sudah book disana tapi masih ragu2..

    1. Hello, keliatan old memang, tapi providing location yang dekat dengan halal dimsum enggak masalah hehehe... Kamar yang premium juga luas, jadi saya nyaman kok.

  6. Hai Bu Tes... kalau mau ke Islamic center canteen tinggal jalan aja ya? gausah pake bus atau tram? :D

    1. Hai Okta, maksudnya ke Islamic Center dari JJ Hotel? Iya tinggal jalan kaki aja 5-10 menit deh.

  7. Mba tesya saya sudah follow fb dan rencana mau beli bukunya mba tesya to kok ssh ya d gramedia. Sy rencaan ke hingkong januari pertama kali oergu sendiri sm suami dan anak. Setalah 10 taun lalu kesana. Kl dr jj hotel utk ke disney naik apa bys nomor brp atau kmrn naik mtr? Trs jl ding ding tram ke causeway bay naik dr jj hotelnta sebelah mana? Ada wa atau line nga ya mba? Thank you. Hehe sy jg pesen jj krn baca review mba. Mohin dibls ya mba. Thank you.

    1. Hai Mba Diah, coba aku jawab ya:
      1. Buku aku kalau di Gramedia udah enggak ada beli disini ya Mba => http://www.gramedia.com/search/?q=tesyasblog
      2. Ke Disney naik MTR Mbak, jauh banget tapinya. Makanya waktu itu kami pindah hotel dulu mendekati Disney.
      3. Dari JJ Hotel ke Ding Ding Tram deket, jalan kaki 10 menit lewat jalan kecil. Coba aja liat "view street" di google map deh biar kebayang.
      4. Aku adanya email aja Mba: tesyas.blog@gmail.com Silahkan email ya :)
      Have fun planning liburan ke Hk nya yah..

  8. halo mba Tesya, thanks ya postingan blognya bermanfaat banget. Mbak kalau dri JJ Hotel ke Disneyland gampang ga ya? Soalnya q pas mau nyoba nginep di Novotel Citygate di hari terakhir kayak Mb Tesya ternyata rate nya Novotel over budget buat q. mohon infonya, thanks sblmnya mbak

    1. Hai Mba, makasih ya udah baca blog kami. Gampang kok Mba, cuman jauh aja. Paling kalau bawa anak, siap2 aja anaknya ketiduran di kereta Mba. Have fun ya di Singapore :)