Fashion Pasta Dago Pakar

Been to Dago Pakar lately, for sure you don't wanna miss this place, it's called Fashion Pasta where they serve real Italian food. It is located at Jalan Pakar Timur Dago Atas Bandung. If you go to Dago Pakar area, you will first find Sierra Cafe, just go up and up, than you will find Fashion Pasta on your left side. Inside is very romantic I might say. And the beautiful thing is, they have an outside kitchen, where we can see how they make our food. Really inspiring.

We tried their creamy fettucini..the size is so small (well, at least for me:p) but it taste real italian. The fetucine cooked al dente..yummy..The price for the pasta range from IDR 30,000 to IDR 40,000.

Than of course my fave margarita pizza. There are of course many varieties of pizza, but still my fave is only the margarita. The pizza range from IDR 30,000 to IDR 70,000. We also have it packed for our parents. And the pack is so cute..

Rene ordered a cup of coffee, and it looked really nice..

After all, we like this place, but I don't know because we are not italian or what..but for us this place is for one visit only. The food is not something that made us want to come back. Again..this is only our personal oppinion.

written on August 30, 2010