Hard Rock Hotel Bali

So this is one of the outstanding stories from our travel experience, our 2 nights stay at Hard Rock Hotel Bali back in Sept 2009. Why on earth I postponed to write this review for more than a year!! Anyway, we love this hotel so much. The room rates back then was IDR 1,050,000 nett per night, best rate they offered to us. We went there only with our kiddos#1, while kiddos#2 stayed at Bandung. So we have a reason to stay at this hotel again someday for our kiddos#2:)

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Ulun Danu Beratan Temple

One of our most fave place in Bali is probably this Ulun Danu temple. At first, I wonder why Rene would really love to do his photos hunting here. Especially coz he made me wake up early, as well as leaving the hotel early (5.30 am), and made this early morning trip from Kuta to Bedugul which is about 1,5 hours.

Arriving there at 7 am, and Rene still said that we were too late to take picture of the foggy lake in the morning...:p We were the second visitor at the lake, the first was a couple which also did some photo hunting. We ended up taking pictures of each other..hehe..thank u Pak Leo for this beautiful post wed picture of the two us :)

To thank Pak Leo, would love to post his picture as well. Later on Pak Leo and his wife told me to begin learning photography, so that I can do photo hunting together with Rene just like Pak Leo and his wife. Wah pak, I am not really into that kind of activity:p

Anyway, about the place....it was really peaceful and cold..the scene is really beautiful and I might say well maintained. The park is gorgeous, and I really love the lake! The early morning wake up that day paid off with how beutiful this place is. Again I must write here: I love Bali for so many reasons!!

written on October 14, 2010
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The Bali Bird Park

Been to Jurong bird park and thought Indonesia does not have something like that...but then I proof it myself our Bali Bird Park is as good as the Jurong Bird Park. Actually before visiting the place, we compared to other two destinations which are Bali Safari and also bali Zoo. After reading the reviews, we choose this park and will visit the other places on our next visit to Bali.

The park located at Gianyar, so if you plan your visit here, you can continue going to Ubud after visiting this place, as the park located not far from Ubud. I love all the birds here, they are very unique and also cute.

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Bali Reptile Park

Finally we decided to go to the Bali Bird Park and also the Bali Reptile park on our Sept 2010 visit to Bali. Because we took a lot of pictures, the two parks review will be decided into two parts. Let me share with you the Bali Reptile Park in this review.

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Cactus Glass House at Bali Botanic Garden

Heard the Eka Raya Bali Botanic Garden from our friend Yenni -who is also a travel freak:p- and how she likes this place, made us travel from Kuta to Bedugul to visit this place. In the morning we visited Danau Bratan first, than continued by visiting the botanic garden.

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Encore Pizza Sunset Road

Going to Bali with our kids, made us had to shop for our boys' milk on the first night we arrived in Bali. So we went to Carrefour Sunset Road, bought AW soup for our boys, and just beside AW they have this Encore Pizza.

From the menu I read that the Encore Pizza came from Australia. I haven't found it in Jakarta and Bandung before, so I was curious how the pizza would taste.

We ordered their chicken salad for the appetizer. It cost around IDR 30,000, and the salad is so fresh and taste sooo good.

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Halal Food Option in Bali: Makbeng Sanur

Going to bali without trying the Makbeng resto on our last visit to Bali, made us put this as one of the must visit place in our itinerary this time. It is located at Sanur Beach, near the Plaza Hotel (previously Radisson).

It has been there since 1941 and people keep coming there until now. They only have one set menu: fried fish and also the fish soup. Per set menu cost IDR 28,000. I don't like fish soup, I think that fish should be either grilled or fried. But to my surprise, I love the taste of Makbeng fish soup. Although it's too spicy for me, but it taste really fresh.

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Review on Tune Legian Double Six

We were confused of where we were going to stay in Bali for our Idul Fitri holiday (Sept), actually we had booked Casa Bidadari at Seminyak which cost us IDR 750,000 nett/night for four adults and two children, including breakfast. Quite cheap right? But we were not sure of staying at Casa Bidadari as it is not located in a walking distance to the beach.
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