Encore Pizza Sunset Road

Going to Bali with our kids, made us had to shop for our boys' milk on the first night we arrived in Bali. So we went to Carrefour Sunset Road, bought AW soup for our boys, and just beside AW they have this Encore Pizza.

From the menu I read that the Encore Pizza came from Australia. I haven't found it in Jakarta and Bandung before, so I was curious how the pizza would taste.

We ordered their chicken salad for the appetizer. It cost around IDR 30,000, and the salad is so fresh and taste sooo good.

Also we ordered their bruchetta, it taste really italian:p I mean different than what pizza hut has. So was for the salad. The four small pieces of bruchetta cost IDR 15,000.

Then it was time for the pizza, actually we ordered the jumbo size, but it wasn't available. So we ordered their large size..sorry that I forget the name of the pizza we ordered, but I remember it cost around IDR 80,000. Again, it's very yummy, so much better than pizza hut.

If you happen to do some shopping at Carrefour Sunset Road when you are in Bali, I would recommend this place. Great food with affordable price.

written on October 5, 2010 by @tesyasblog