Little India, time for shopping

Everytime we go to Singapore, we always go to Little India to buy toiletries (my fave!) and chocolates at Mustafa, a Dept Store which opens 24 hours. For me, there's no other place as cheap as little india. The singapore souvenir is also cheap here: t-shirt, keychain, etc. Luggage and Electronics are also cheap here. Sometimes I met Malay Singaporeans who do the grocery shopping here. But this place is very crowded, so better to go there very early in the morning.

Take MRT than alight at Fareer Park. Or you can also walk from Little India MRT if you wish to enjoy the Indian traditional shops and also to visit the temple. But if your destination is Mustafa, alight at Fareer Park and choose the exit to City Square Mall. Cross the street and you will find the Mustafa after you turn left on the next road.

We arrived at 8 am, and decided to have breakfast at Komalas first, an Indian fast food which also has an outlet in Jakarta. We had the roti pratha and also indian burger, both meal set for sgd 10. The burger taste really nice.

We can also have some food at the cafe in front of Mustafa. The teh tarik is so yummy. There are so many indian resto on the same street as Mustafa, the indian smell is very strong in this area.
After shopping, don't forget to ask GST refund form at the basement. We can redeem the 7% GST at the airport when we shop here.
written on 30 January 2011
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