Rucksack Inn 2, Singapore

This is the second budget hotel that we have been to in Singapore, the first one was our beloved New 7 Stories hotel in Bugis area, which has been closed due to the development of new MRT line. Too bad! And now I would like to write a review on Rucksack Inn which I might say a very recommended budget hostel in Singapore. Actually I found the name Rucksack when I was gooling, and I was curious on how the hotel would be. I search in hostelworld, it is one of the top ranked customers' budget hotel. But when I would like to book through Hostelworld, the private room was not available. I keep on searching how to contact the hotel by email, and finally I found their cute website

They have two branches, the Rucksack Inn 2 is only three buildings away from the original Rucksack Inn. From the outside, it may look small, but once you get inside, you will feel homy especially in the common area where there is the reception, the kitchen where guest can have their breakfast (bread, tea and coffee is provided 24 hours!), the four internet tables, and also the tv room.

The shared bathroom located in every floor, so it's ok eventhough we only get their twin room and has to share the bathroom. The bathroom is quiet big and very clean.

But the room is too crampy. We got a bunk bed, and the room was only enough for the bed and a little space where you can put your luggage. But the facility is ok, new aircon, lcd tv and also tv cable. All the remotes were packed, very smart. For me the twin room is ok especially for SGD 75/night.

They also have dorms (of course), double room and triple room. They also provide locker for guests staying at the dorm.They manage to keep the hotel very clean all the time.

They also provide shoes storage for every room, as guess is prohibited to have their shoes on entering the hostel.

The staffs are very friendly and helpfull.The best part of this hotel of course its location. It's only 5-10 minutes away from Clarke Quay station and also the Central mall, or if you prefer to take bus, than the bust stop just outside Central mall has so many buses passing by. Just like what we did, we took bus 33 to go to Ikea, Anchor Point, and also the same way to return to this hotel. While to go to Orchard we took bus 124 directly. Every place is so easy to reach, and this is the advantage of staying at Rucksack Inn.I would recommend this hotel to anyone going to Singapore with spouse or friends. But for family going with children, the room is too small.

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  1. Mba, salam kenal. Rencananya bln januari kami sekeluarga akan pergi. Sy bw anak2. Umur 9, 7, sm bayi 11bln. Adakah rekomendasi hostel unt bayi?

  2. Hai Mas Galuh... kalau bawa bayi 11 bulan saya ga menyarankan di hostel, nanti terlalu sempit Mas, dan susah ke kamar mandi nya. Hostel juga kalau menginap ber 4 kan Rp 1 juta ya semalam? Nah cari aja hotel family room yang Rp 1 juta semalam, saya sih dapet di Fragrance Emerald Geylang. Bisa dibaca di blog sebelah Kiddos Travel Stories planning kami ke Singapura tahun depan:

  3. Sy kasi referensi hotel yg terjangkau dan letaknya di pusat keramaian: southeast asia hotel di bencolen dan hangout@mt emily. Sy jg book utk kami sekeluarga maret 2014.happy hunting

    1. Thanks Mba untuk masukannya. Saya belum pernah inep Southeast Asia Hotel walau udah sering referensi-in untuk temen. Alasan saya enggak di South East Asia karena jalan kaki jauh dari MRT Bugis, ga nyaman harus lewatin Bugis Village sama kiddos. Bus stop terdekat dari South East Asia yg di depan Ibis Bencoolen, tapi jalannya satu arah. Jadi mau ga mau kalau pulang ke hotel dan turun di bus stop "Opposite Bugis Junction", tetep lewatin Bugis Village.

      Hangout@emily agak jauh jalannya Mba, kalau bawa anak harus naik tangga pula.Tapi kalau ga sama anak sih gpp.

      Happy plannin juga Mba:)