Charlie Brown Cafe Penang

I had never heard about this cafe before, until one night when we passed a mall called The Straits Quay, the taxi driver told us that it was the latest mall in Penang. That night I searched through mr google what inside this mall, and when I type "the straits quay" all mentioned about this Charlie Brown Cafe. And I was really interested when I knew that the name derived from "the famous Charlie Brown"!! Ohh I love Snoopy! So I planned to visit this cafe if we have time.

As it was raining all day long on the next day, we decided just to relax at this mall, and of course had lunch at Charlie Brown Cafe. I have read that the food was expensive or in other words "we can get better food for those prices somewhere else" but hey it's Charlie Brown anyway. We don't have it in Indonesia yet. Well, an excuse:p

When we got there, we were impressed by the interior and also the exterior of the cafe. We can see all of their cartoons hanging all over the cafe.

We had to order the food from the cashier, our kiddos wanted to have hot dog, and a chocolate cake. For me and rene, we ordered a fish and chip, a caramel latte ice and a hot chocolate.

Kiddos enjoyed the Double Deluxe cake which was RM 12.

What so called Jumbo Beef Hot Dog with fries cost RM 15,8, well not that expensive. It will be at about the same price at any upscale Indonesian resto. Our kiddos only ate the sausage, the rest was for me and Rene:p The fish and chip was quiet big, it cost RM 15.8, sorry we got no pictures of the fish and chips.

My RM 9.5 hot chocolate was the highlight of the F&B, it is so cute!!

There is also a souvenir shop inside, for the real fans of Charlie Brown.

Don't miss the opportunity to take picture with this giant Snoopy!

The exterior of this resto is also unique, we can take pictures with all of the characters!

I wonder when this cafe will be open in Jakarta? Soon I hope.

written on September 30, 2011 by @tesyasblog

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