Zara Continental Hotel Budapest Review

We arrived at the hotel and had to stay for a while before we get our room key. I took the time to take pictures of the lobby. First impression would be the hotel gate, it’s so unique.

It’s a minimalist lobby yet spacious enough.

When I used the bathroom at lobby area, I was impressed by this wastafel. Never seen this kind in my entire life. Hehehe..

And here comes our room:) as mentioned in the Tripadvisor review the room is small but clean. So does the bathroom.

The resto to have breakfast located on the same floor as the lobby. Yess the breakfast were great, but it was really crowded in the morning.

The hotel is located at the city center, within a 10 minutes walk, we may reach the tram station where you can find a shopping mall. Sorry, I forgot the name as I didn’t go there. We can also walk to the Chain Bridge, the beautiful Bridge of Budapest.

The hotel has a free wifi, and I manage to write the zara continental hotel review on tripadvisor using its free wifi.

Upon arrival, I went to the front desk asking the qiblat to do my prayer. I asked the direction of South East from my room. The lady was very helpful, she even took a map of the hotel, showing where my room is, and she advised me the direction of qiblat.

Apart from being located on a narrow street that made it difficult for buses to park, and the size of the room which is compact, it was a nice experience staying at Zara Continental.

written on October 20, 2011 by @tesyasblog

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