Warung Tahu Talaga PVJ

We went to Paris Van Java to have a breakfasting right after our one day meeting at Aston Primera Bandung. Our friends had picked Warung Tahu Talaga for our dinner. There were 30 of us, and the resto was suddenly full with our team:p Warung Tahu Talaga owns tofu factory called Tahu Yun Sen, that's why there were a lot of tahu varieties in this resto.

The resto was small, but really unique as it has so many stuffs from the past. Stuffs that we could not find in the shops any longer. And they were not for sold, only for their collection.

The food were really unique, appetizer were all from tofu..

Especially for you who prefer spicy food, this "Tahu Bodo" is for you! It's really hot.

I ordered nasi bakar bodo with fried chicken, the nasi bakar was average, but the fried chicken taste real good!

One of my friend order this main dish, too bad I didn't write down the name of this dish.

I must say that this resto is unique for their tofu appetizer. However the taste of the main dishes were average. For those who loves tofu, this resto is really recommended.

written on August 17, 2012

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