Aston Primera Bandung

If you are a big fan of purple (I do), you will love this hotel! I stayed here twice, both to attend a two days meeting. From my experience, this hotel is suitable both for business and family.

When I entered the hotel, I saw (almost) everything purple: the reception desk, the sofa at the lobby, even I saw two couples of wayang wearing purple batik. From that moment I knew it's going to be my fave hotel:p 

The hotel has a cozy room, very spacious, comfortable bed, but it has a very cold floor (what can I say, it's Bandung). They provide slipper though, and yes the slipper is also purple:p  The negative thing about the room: I could hear other people voice from our next room. If it bothers you, than bring earplug.

It has a large swimming pool next to the hotel restaurant. Nice pool for kiddos don't you think?

Location wise, the Aston Primera is located on Jalan Pasteur. So it's very easy to reach the hotel after the Pasteur highway exit. Please remember that Jalan Pasteur applied 4 in 1 rule every Friday and Saturday. In both of our stay, we had dinner at PVJ (Paris Van Java mall), which is only 10 minutes away from Aston Primera.

I recommend this hotel not only for its purple color, but also for the nice room, great swimming pool and its location.

written on March 29, 2013

tag: penginapan di Bandung, penginapan untuk keluarga di Bandung, tempat meeting di Bandung, penginapan di jalan Pasteur


  1. Hai Mbak Tesya, sekarang aston primera menjadi Holiday Inn. dan rekomen juga di holiday inn krn ex aston