Warung Bambu Batu

Again, this resto was introduced by our friend Alisa Haqiqi. I asked Alisa where to have lunch as we were heading from Surabaya to Malang with out rented van. We wanted to go to Batu directly prior to our meeting in Malang, so we followed Alisa’s recommendation and went to Warung Bambu in Batu, which located not far from Hotel Purnama Batu.

From outside, this resto looks small, but inside it has spacious area to serve their guests. Just like its name, the resto made of Bamboo, guests sit on their gazebo above a huge fish ponds. It’s a perfect place to take your kids to have lunch in Batu.

We ordered their crispy fried fish but I think due to the fish size which was too large, the fish was not really well cooked. Some parts of the fish were not that crispy. We should have ordered smaller size to get a crispy fish next time.

We also ordered tempe penyet which was not that spicy and it was delicious.

For the vegetables, we ordered Karedok (vegetables with peanut sauce, this dish originally comes from West Java area). As a Sundanese, I must say their Karedok was ok.

Though disappointed with the fish, I’d still recommend this resto if you are looking for Indonesian food in Batu. Next time I should try their Grilled Gurame.

written on September 16, 2012

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