Pasar Kue Lili Loyor Manado

I asked my friends in Manado what can I do in Manado early in the morning? My friend recommended us to visit a special market for Manado's traditional sweet treat called "Pasar Kue Lili Loyor", which opens at 6 am and it's a short walking distance from the hotel we stayed in - Aston. The next morning, we went there, looking for a real market, but it turned up to be two shophouses selling all kinds of snacks. It wasn't something I would called "market" but yes you can find so many sweet treats here. 

Although we could find Lalampa and Panada in Jakarta, these two things were my most wanted items that morning. They were sold IDR 1,500 each.

I tried a snack called Nasi Jaha (ginger rice), which were cooked in a bamboo. It tastes like Lalampa but it has nothing inside. I tried one piece of it, than I couldn't eat my breakfast at Aston:p 

I went also to Kampung Kodo, to find Manado's Nasi Kuning which located just opposite of the Aston Hotel Manado. Too bad it was too early, so the Nasi Kuning wasn't ready. Well, then I have another reason to visit Manado again; having their Nasi Kuning for my breakfast:p

written on October 7, 2012

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