The Beauty of Palu

I have never thought that Palu is a beautiful city with sea and mountain as the highlight, until I visited the city in September 2012. We arrived at 10 pm in Palu, the city was really quiet and dark when we came. We were hungry but there was nothing opened around the hotel we stayed in, Santika Palu. So we had to order from the hotel, and that night again I underestimate the city. But the next morning, when I opened the curtain, I saw the view of a quiet city surrounded by mountain. It was love at first sight, I love the city.

After a whole day meeting, it was time for us to explore the city, and we went to Talise beach to take a look of the teluk palu bridge. Here's the picture of the bridge taken from Talise beach. See how beautiful the city is.

We passed the bridge on our way to Donggala, and take a walk around the bridge as well. There's pedestrian way and also a place to take picture at the side of the bridge, so we felt safe being on the bridge.

After passing the bridge, we passed by a floating mosque called Masjid Al Barqham. We didn't stop by at the mosque, these pictures were taken from our car as we passed the mosque. Too bad we didn't have the chance to see the mosque and also the bridge with its light on.

I must say that I am impressed with Palu, the city is so potential in the term of tourism, but has not developed properly. I really think that it should be one of tourist destination in Indonesia, and it should be introduced to the world. 

written on October 19, 2012

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