Ulu Juku Restaurant Makassar

This place was introduced by our friends in Makassar, the Ulu Juku restaurant. "Ulu" means head and "juku" means fish. The building of this restaurant is huge, and it was very busy when we visited this resto during lunch time. We had lunch at their vip room located on the third floor.

Even though I was at Ulu Juku, my fave is their fish satay, it's really delicious! It taste like chicken, and I really love the sauce.

My fave ulu juku is the fried one, it was so crunchy.

The other version of Ulu Juku would be the palu basa and the palu mara. Looking at the picture below, I couldn't tell you which one is palu mara and which one is palu basa. It looks like the same:p But when you taste it then you can taste the different.

If you ask me whether it is a must visit resto in Makasar, I still prefer to recommend you visiting the surya crab. However this resto offers you unique food of their ulu juku. 

written on October 17, 2012

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