Exploring Hobart by Bicycle

On our second day in Australia, we took a morning flight from Melbourne Tullamarine airport to Hobart, the capital city of Tasmania. We couldn’t manage to extend our car hire, so we were looking for the alternatives on how to transfer from Hobart airport to the Hobart city. 

Upon arrival, we saw this City Hotels Shuttle. We asked the driver, and he said that the seats were still available. It cost us AUD 17 per person, expensive, but we didn’t have any other choice that time. But the driver was really nice, he act as our tour guide on the way explaining the interesting places to visit in Hobart.

We arrived at our hostel called Hobart Hostel and Accommodation. We took a double room which cost AUD 70 per night (with a shared bathroom). We love this hostel, it's an old building, very clean and homey, located 10 minutes from the city, moreover we love the view from our room. This hostel is a recommended budget hostel in Hobart.

After checking in, we were so hungry, so we walked to the Franklin wharf to find fish and chips there. We passed by the shops in Hobart city. It's really different compared to Melbourne, and frankly speaking we love Hobart more than Melbourne:)

We continued walking heading to Flippers, and finally we arrived there and ordered a fish and chips for AUD 12 plus a tartar sauce for AUD 2 (expensive!). It was cold in Hobart, and having a hot fish and chips with all the birds were perfect! 

We saw people canoeing at Hobart, I wished I could have joined them!

After our early lunch, we went to MacQuarie wharf to meet Ian (www.motoadventure.com.au), who rent electric bike. We have sent him emails prior to our departure, and Ian suggested to go directly to his place when I arrive in Hobart. 

From what I read, the best way to explore Hobart by bike is to use the electric bike as the road is hilly. We met Ian, a lovely man with his wife. Rented two e-bikes cost AUD 30, and we could give him back the next morning before we get our cars at Thrifty. And we started exploring Hobart on its bicycle track, oh what an experience! We were heading to Moonah and stopped by to have a delicious ice cream at Valhalla.

We decided to go to Kangaroo Bluff, to see the view of the city with Mt.Wellington as the background. So we had to pass the Tasmanian Bridge with our bike. The path was so narrow at the bridge, and thanks God we succeeded. It was a challenging path for me:p (this picture was taken on our journey back to Hobart).

We finally made it to Kangaroo Bluff, we really enjoyed the bicycle track along the way, it is very recommended to explore Hobart with a bike. I just couldn't describe how beautiful it was to see the city with the bike.

This is the picture of Mt.Wellington taken from the bicycle track. Actually it is also recommended to go to the Mt.Wellington lookout. But we didn't go there as we didn't have car on the first day (and I refuse rene's offer to go there by bike:p)

Our friend Zaratul Khairi and his family went to Mt.Wellington lookout and he shared some gorgeous pictures to be uploaded in our blog. Thanks Arul and Ijul:)

Picture taken by Zaratul Khairi
Picture taken by Zaratul Khairi
Picture taken by Zaratul Khairi

If you're planning your holiday to Australia, I would suggest you go to Hobart. It's a lovely city and very beautiful, it's also only 1 hour from Melbourne by flight. 

written on December 29, 2012 by @tesyasblog

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    1. Banget cakepnya..however our fave city di Tasmania itu Launceston:)

  2. aaaaak, mau juga ke aussiee~~ *brb cari sponsor* :3

    1. Iya dan aaaak kita mau juga ke Jepang:D

  3. kalo bawa balita bisa untuk boncengan sepeda ga bu? tks

    1. Hai Mba, di sana kan strict ya. Jadi kalau bawa balita harus pesan yang ada boncengan untuk balitanya.