Roadtrip from Hobart to Launceston: Short Transit at Beautiful City Called Ross

On our second day in Hobart, we rented a car from Thrifty to be used for the next two days. We have booked the car 5 months in advance, so that we have a fairly cheap price for the peak Christmas period. Too bad the GPS we’ve ordered was not available, Thrifty gave us a map instead:p 

We left Hobart at 11 am, and followed a car of our friend Zaratul Khairi and his family, as he got a GPS inside his car. We took the highway heading to Launceston and enjoyed beautiful sights along the way.

After 2 hours of driving we arrived at Ross, a very quite and beautiful old town, with its famous Ross bridge. We parked our car and walked heading to the wool center. Inside we found clothes, doll and other stuff made from wool.

We continued walking to the church next to the wool center. A beautiful old church with beautiful view at the back of the church.

We stopped for a while at the playground where Arul’s kiddos played there happily. Just at the back of the playground, there was also a swimming pool. But the weather was too cold for a swimming.

While the kiddos were playing, Rene and Arul took beautiful pictures of Ross bridge. Unfortunately it was very cloudy that day, the bridge would have been more beautiful with the sunshine. However the Ross bridge was still amazing with the thick clouds, don’t you think?

After 1 hour in Ross, we decided to continue our roadtrip to Launceston. We bought drinks in the shops at Ross, and also took picture in front of the sign of “female factory site”. We didn’t find out what that is though, as the time we had was limited.

Ross is a beautiful countryside in Tasmania, this place is worth a visit.

written on December 30, 2012 by @tesyasblog

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