A Daytrip From Hiroshima to Miyajima Island

Our Japan trip was supposed to be only covering Osaka and Kyoto as we wanted to do a coffeeshop hopping around the two cities. But one day, mr.husband told me his plan, "Let's include Hiroshima in our trip. There's an island called Miyajima, a really lovely place to visit!"

Then I remember surfing on the internet regarding the Miyajima Island and I fell in love with the place. Well, yes I am easy to fall in love with beautiful places with less crowd and great view.

Miyajima Island was suddenly on our itinerary as a daytrip from Hiroshima. We bought an overnight bus ticket from Kobe to Hiroshima for this special visit to Miyajima. And if I have the chance to explore Hiroshima all over again, there will be a second visit to Miyajima Island for sure :)

The Great Torii, icon of Miyajima Island
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