Sate Mak Syukur Padangpanjang Bukittinggi

I was so happy that I had a chance to visit the hometown of my fave sate Padang which I usually eat inside malls in Jakarta:p Yes it was Sate Mak Syukur at Padangpanjang. We stopped by on our way from Padang to Bukittinggi. As a big fan of sate padang, I have always wanted to visit this place.

The original Sate Mak Syukur
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Review of Mercure Padang

Confused on deciding where to stay in Padang, I ended up choosing Mercure Hotel mainly because of its location which is close to our office. The hotel is also a new one, build after the Padang earthquake in 2009. 

A unique lamp hanging on the ceiling welcomes us at the lobby.

Mercure is located near the beach at the heart of the city. The beach doesn't have sands area, instead it is surrounded by restaurants along the beach line.

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Enjoying Food in Padang : From Breakfast to Dinner

Finally I got the chance to visit Padang in West Sumatera after canceling my airplane tickets two times. The first was when I got a promo ticket from Air Asia  when they opened their new route to Padang. I didn't go because I couldn't take leave. The second time was 2 years ago, I was planned to go to Padang for a visit from my office, but my kiddos#2 was sick so I cancelled going there. The third time I got my name on a ticket going to Padang, I succeeded visiting the city :)

Breakfast at Warung Kopi NanYo

My day in Padang started with a stop at Warung Kopi NanYo. There are many warung kopi (coffee shop) on the street around the Chinatown area of Padang, but my friends told me it was one of the best. Basically all those warung kopi only provide drinks, while the food are served by all the carts outside the warungs. I ordered Sate Padang from the red yellow cart parked in front of NanYo.

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Singapore Night Festival 2013

I was walking from the hotel I stayed V Hotel Bencoolen to North Bridge Road, passing the Singapore Art Museum and saw the advertisement of Singapore Night Festival 2013. Wow... lucky me that my schedule in Singapore allows me to see this festival. I promised myself to visit the Singapore Night Festival on Friday night, before going back to Jakarta. 

I went to the festival and was amazed by the look of Singapore Art Museum that night. The museum looks really different compared to seeing it in the morning.  

the Singapore Art Museum
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Ebook Travel Gratis : Pieces of Melbourne

Akhirnya kami bisa menyelesaikan project ebook travel gratis kami yang kedua setelah Jelajah Singapura. Kali ini kami sharing bagaimana kami liburan hemat ke Melbourne. Alih-alih naik Skybus dari Melbourne Tullamarine airport ke Southern Cross Terminal, kami naik bis umum dan kereta api ke Flinders Station. Selain hemat, kami pun bisa melihat pemandangan di daerah sub-urban Melbourne.

Kami tinggal di hostel Melbourne Greenhouse Backpacker tepat di jantung kota Melbourne dengan biaya AUD 90 per malam. Untuk menghemat biaya transportasi, kami pun keliling Melbourne dengan sepeda gratis Melbourne Bike Share.

Silahkan download ebook travel gratis mengenai pengalaman kami liburan ke Melbourne. 

Dan kami menunggu komentar anda agar kami bisa lebih baik lagi membuat ebook travel kami selanjutnya.

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V Hotel Bencoolen Singapore Review

V Hotel chain is very famous amongst Indonesian who are looking for a hotel to stay with their family in Singapore. Their first hotel, V Hotel Lavender located above Lavender MRT Station offering easy transport access, and now they opened their second branch in Bencoolen, just beside Bencoolen MRT station, which is still under construction.

the entrance to the hotel

I did not notice "the construction" part at the time of the booking, when I arrived at the hotel, I just realized that there is a heavy construction of a new MRT station  just in front of the hotel.
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Mengajukan Visa New Zealand

Berbeda dengan saat kami mengajukan Visa Australia satu tahun sebelumnya, entah kenapa rasanya kami lebih percaya diri ketika mengajukan Visa New Zealand. Mungkin karena ini pengalaman kedua kami mengurus visa tanpa bantuan biro jasa. Pengajuan Visa New Zealand melalui New Zealand Visa Application Center (‘NZVAC’) dilakukan di tempat yang sama dengan pengajuan Visa Australia (Australian Visa Application Center ‘AVAC’) yaitu di Plaza Asia lantai 22, Jalan Jend.Sudirman. Sebelum Maret 2013, pengajuan visa New Zealand dilakukan di New Zealand Immigration di Sentral Senayan Building, Jakarta.

Supaya semangat mengurus visa,
saya kasih foto teaser Milford Sound ya:)

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Zangrandi Ice Cream Surabaya

We picked our fave spot in Surabaya to have ice cream after exploring food in Madura. Yes it was the famous ice cream Zangrandi located just beside Garden Palace Hotel Surabaya.

We love the old feel of Zangrandi, the old chairs, and of course the ice cream. The taste remind us to Rasa Ice Cream in my hometown Bandung. Both sold ice cream with old recipe.
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A Half Day Exploring Bangkalan - Madura Island

After all this time, we finally had the opportunity to explore food in Madura:) With Fave Mex Surabaya as our base, we rented an Avanza with a special request: drop off at the hotel and pick up at the airport. With the help of our friend @alisahaqiqi, we managed to get a rented car which fit our need. 

We started our Madura trip early in the morning, Suramadu was still empty, so we could slow down our car and took pictures:) It was only 30 minutes away from our hotel in Surabaya to get to Madura Island. Thanks to the nice traffic on a Saturday morning.

the beautiful Suramadu Bridge in the morning
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Fave Hotel Mex Surabaya Review

After two days full of food in Kediri, we went back to Surabaya. I extended my business trip for another night in Surabaya, Rene came to accompany me for a weekend getaway in Surabaya and Madura. 

I was looking for a budget hotel in Surabaya and I found out that Fave Hotel had opened their branch in Surabaya called Fave Hotel Mex. Having stayed in Fave Hotel By Pass Bali and Fave Hotel Langkawi before, I reserved a standard room at Fave Hotel Mex Surabaya cost IDR 390,000 nett. 

When we checked in, we just knew that Fave Hotel located on a building called Mex. this is why the hotel called Mex:p I went to the 3rd floor where the reception desk was located.

lobby of Fave Hotel Mex

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