A Half Day Exploring Bangkalan - Madura Island

After all this time, we finally had the opportunity to explore food in Madura:) With Fave Mex Surabaya as our base, we rented an Avanza with a special request: drop off at the hotel and pick up at the airport. With the help of our friend @alisahaqiqi, we managed to get a rented car which fit our need. 

We started our Madura trip early in the morning, Suramadu was still empty, so we could slow down our car and took pictures:) It was only 30 minutes away from our hotel in Surabaya to get to Madura Island. Thanks to the nice traffic on a Saturday morning.

the beautiful Suramadu Bridge in the morning

Upon arrival in Madura, we went directly to Bebek Sinjay to have breakfast at (probably) the most famous restaurant in Madura. It was easy to find Bebek Sinjay, we turned left after passing Suramadu, and just follow the road. Bebek Sinjay was on our right, with many cars parking in front of it.

we came early to avoid the queue

We ordered and paid at the cashier, and went to the pick up counter. They separate the take away pick up counter and the dining-in guests. You have to do this all by yourself, just like in those fast food restaurants.

the queue at the cashier
The pick up counter. Already busy in the morning.

We sat down and enjoy our hot rice with crunchy fried duck. Not too mention the manggo sambal, it was a perfect match with the duck. Ohhh so yuuuummmm....it was the best fried duck that I have ever tasted.

the empty seats at Bebek Sinjay in the morning
crunchy duck and fresh mango sambal

After our breakfast, we went to Bangkalan to explore the city. We saw a shopping mall along the way with a Hypermart inside. Then we stopped at Nusa Indah to buy some Madura snacks and souvenirs.

We wanted to go to Lombang beach, and did a 30 minutes drive from Bangkalan, but Rene decided to make a u turn and went back to Bangkalan. It was too hot for a beach visit that midday, and we also had a flight to catch in the evening. So hopefully someday we'll come back to visit Lombang beach.

We continued our food adventure by visiting Warung Amboina Bangkalan Madura. This tiny warung located not far from Masjid Agung Bangkalan, so we parked in front of it and walked to Amoboina. We knew about this place from @PakBondan when he visited this place for Wisata Kuliner at Trans TV.

Warung Amboina

Rene ordered one portion of Nasi Petis, while I skip this session for the next restaurant on our list:p Rene loved it, he agreed with @PakBondan and said that the Nasi Petis was maknyus!

We went inside the Masjid Agung Bangkalan to perform our prayer. It was such a beautiful mosque. When we drove our car heading to Lembong Beach, we saw lots of great mosque, just few meters from each other. But of course this Masjid Agung was the biggest we saw.

Our last culinary session in Madura was at Ole Olang Resto, located not far from Bebek Sinjay. They had a new menu called "Bebek Cetar Membahana" but we had enough bebek that day:p We sat down at the back of the resto, and charged our smartphone, which cost us IDR 2,000. It was funny that we had to pay to charge our phones:D

We only ordered Kepiting Asmara (crab) and a special drink from Ole Olang. The crab taste so so, maybe I should have ordered their bebek menu instead. Ole Olang has a lovely setting at the back of the resto where we can sit and enjoy the view.

kepiting asmara

Ole Olang was the last restaurant we visited in Madura. We went back to Surabaya and suddenly we missed Bebek Sinjay already!

bye Madura Island...see you next time

written on November 5, 2013 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Ah bebek sinjay selalu ngangenin meskipun kalo menurut gw ngak begitu juara. Paling demen sech bebek slamet hehe.

    Kepiting asmara nya bikin gw pingin pulang kampung ;-)

    1. Wah Kak Cum nih orang mana sih, kampung nya banyak bener :D

  2. ini si bebek sinjay yang femmees banget itu yaah? *duh ikutan syahrini*
    jadi inget ceritanya Debby, dia selalu mampir ke Bebek Sinjay kalo ke Madura *aaaakkkkk* penasaran

    1. Iya femesss banget dan bikin maceto donk... Ayo ke Sby lanjut Madura, cuma sejam kan ke Sby dari Soeta hehehe..

  3. Aduhhh kak, gak tahan aku ngebayangin tuh bebek :(

    1. Dan sambal mangga nya itu yang bikin beda...:)

  4. Wah ke bebek sinjay ya... mantap banget tuh ..

  5. Surabaya ke madura berapa jam mba tesya