The Greenhouse Backpacker Melbourne

As it was our first time visiting Melbourne, we were looking for a hostel which is very centrally located. And we were fortunate to find the Greenhouse Backpacker hostel on Flinders Lane, 5 minutes walk from Flinders Station.

When we walked to the left of the hostel gate, we arrived at Swanston Street, a very busy street with many restaurants, souvenir shops, a very touristy area. KFC is only 3 minutes walk from the hostel, and Halal Kebab located beside the hostel! And yeah as a bonus, it's in the same building with the police station.

perfect location!

We booked the hotel directly from the hostel, we stayed there 3 nights in a double room with shared bathroom cost AUD 90 per night for the two of us. Our room was ok, not really well maintained I might say. But for the perfect location, the room condition was acceptable for us. Towels were provided in the room.

There are separate bathroom for male and female. Great. 

The common area of the hostel including huge kitchen, living room, laundry and a rooftop. Coles central is 5 minutes walk, so we can shop at Coles and cook at the kitchen (and yes we could find Indomie at Coles:p). Free wifi is available only at the common area.

preparing our dinner:p
Other thing was, the hostel provide a free left luggage room for the guests! Just what we need as we had to leave our luggage when we were traveling to Tasmania.

Overall, this hostel is very recommended. The only downside was the distance from this hostel to the Southern Cross Terminal (to catch the Skybus to the airport). We had to walk about 15-20 minutes from the hostel to the Southern Cross Terminal. Better to take a taxi cost AUD 10.

written on January 24, 2013 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Tunggu dulu ... Itu di foto terakhir!! Haha ... Sama aja ya, wkt itu malah hampir tiap hari kami di sana sarapan Indomie Goreng!! Itu nemu di convenience store di sana! Haha ... :D

    1. Hahahha iya donk Indomie, kembali ke selera asal..!

  2. Mbak , rate room AUD 90 itu utk 3 nights ya ? book nya via internet direct ke hostel sebelum tiba atau book langsung pas datang di Mel ? Tks - Nurul

    1. Hai Nurul, rate AUD 90 itu rate double room (bukan dorm) untuk dua orang, per malam, Kalau Nurul mau di dorm, rate nya lebih murah. Kami book dulu via web mereka, tentunya kami wajib book dulu karena stay di masa liburan akhir tahun. Untuk booking, mereka tidak charge sama sekali, kami bayar pada saat tiba disana:)

  3. Mbak Tesya , nanya lagi .. klu dari foto bed-nya bisa buat bertiga ya ? yg dibawah ada 2 bantal he he he klu masuk 3 org mesti bayar lebih atau tetap AUD 90/night ya ? Tks lagi ( Nurul )

    1. Hai Nurul,

      Iya betul bisa bertiga, cukup banget.. Mustinya sih bayar, tapi kalau ga ketauan.. hmmm.. *sensor hahahah :)

  4. mbak Tesya,sy mau nanya,kalo penginapan atau apartemen gitu mau tinggal di melbourne itu cari dimana ya mbak? bls

    1. Hai mas.. kalau hotel saya mengandalkan Kalau apartemen andalan saya

      Selamat hunting ya :)