Penguins and Cakes at St.Kilda

After a window shopping on boxing day in Melbourne (on 26 Dec 2012), we went to St.Kilda to see the sunset. We took tram #16 from Federation Square, and prior to getting on the tram we bought Myki card at Seven Eleven of Federation Square.

Arriving at St.Kilda we walked directly to the Pier, and stayed there to see the penguins. It was very cold that evening, even with a sunshine! We enjoyed a great view from St.Kilda overlooking the Melbourne city.

I really hope that I could find something to eat at the cafe on the Pier, but it was closed.

We stayed at the penguins area (located at the water breaks area) with hundred of people. The penguins guard ladies keep telling us not to switch on our flash and also not to sit on the rocks behind us.  

We waited there quiet long but it was really hard to see the penguins! After seeing 3 of them we decided to move on as it was so cold. Could you see the penguins on the right side in the below picture? Well, we didn't get great picture of them, as we have no idea where would they coming from:p

All we needed was a hot drink to warm up ourselves, so we walked to the famous Acland Street where we could find cakes shop along the street. We passed by Luna Park but it was closed already. There were many restaurants as well along Acland street (including Indonesian resto), but we decided to have a sweet treat that night and stopped at Le Bon cake shop.

I had a delicious lemon cake for myself and a hot chocolate, while rene ordered a chocolate cake with a cup of coffee. All the cakes were so tempting! If I ever go to Melbourne again, I would definitely go to Acland street once again:p

After the cakes we went back from St.Kilda to the Bourke Street by tram, to have a last minute shopping on the boxing day:p We'll post a separate review regarding the boxing day in our blog.

written on January 19, 2013 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Lol! Those cakes are so tempting! *drolling*

    1. Kesana ga kemarin? Ditunggu ya liputannya. Jadi ternyata gong nya ke St.Kilda itu buat saya ya kuenya:p

    2. Ga ke sanaaa, ga sempettt :( *alasan* :P
      Wah jgn2 sama, bakal kalap kl ngeliat kue sbyk itu :o)))))