Kediri, Lovely Town with Delicious Food

I was so excited that I had the opportunity to visit Kediri for the second time, after my last visit about 10 years ago. This time I had only two days in Kediri and its surrounding, and between the meetings, we managed to enjoy food in Kediri. I mean lots of food! 

We left Surabaya after our lunch and it was a 3 hours drive to Kediri. We knew that we had reached Kediri after seeing a huge Gudang Garam factory. I noticed new malls are now available in town, but the city is somehow still not that crowded. My wisata kuliner in Kediri started with Sate Pak Siboen. And as a satay freak, I am telling you this Sate Pak Siboen was really good!

a really delicious Pak Siboen Chicken Satay

The next morning, we started our day by enjoying Pecel Tumpang Bu Tin located on jalan Patimura. My friend asked me and the team to choose between soto or pecel, and pecel won the vote that morning. "Tumpang" is the name for the sauce of the pecel, made from tempeh. If you don't like the smell of tumpang sauce, you still may request the original pecel sauce. I choose to have it mixed, and I loved it:)

it is the "tumpang" sauce

Before going to Pare, a smaller city an hour away from Kediri, we stopped at Tahu POO, to buy the famous tahu takwa and tahu pong in Kediri. They also sell tofu crackers, and the crackers is also the best seller other than the tofu.

Tahu Goreng Pong in the making

We had another meeting in Pare, and just in front of our outlet, there's a famous food of Pare which was satay Pak Slamet. On the wall there are many pictures of Indonesia's VIP and also celebrities with the owner of Depot Tenang Pak Slamet.

It was a very delicious Sate Kambing, agreed with the local people who told me, "If you haven't tried this satay, you haven't visited Pare". Another famous food from Depot Tenang Pak Slamet is the Gulai Kambing. The soup of the Gulai is a light one, giving a fresh taste after the "heavy" goat satay.

Where to Stay in Kediri

I choose Lotus Garden Hotel, the same hotel where I stayed on my last visit to Kediri. It is a 3 star hotels, the hotel is well maintained, clean room and bathroom, and a nice half open lobby area.

fish pond outside the room

It was a two days full of food (and meetings) in Kediri, and after trying all the food, now I like Kediri even more:) 

written on October 27, 2013 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Aku sukaaa banget makan tahu pong Kediri. Kalo sate si Boen di Malang ada tuh kak Tesya, di jalan Kawi.
    Yang aku blum pernah cobain pecel saus Tumpang, enak ya ? Jadi penasaran :D

    1. Iya tahu pong Kediri enaaaak.... Oh Si Boen di Malang ada juga ya, malah belum pernah.
      Pecel saus tumpang nya harum nya khas, kalau ga biasa mungkin jadi aneh ya, makanya aku mixed ama yang biasa hehe

  2. Kediri terkenal sama tahu nya, tahu kuning nya enak banget. Emak gw kalo ke sana pasti borong tahu, tapi aku ngiler ama pecel nya tuch :-)

    1. Pecelnya enak, bumbunya lain dari yang biasanya...nyaaam...

  3. Nggak ke wisata gunung kelud nya mbak?:)

    1. Waduh sayangnya ga sempet Mba, mudah-mudahan lain kali ada kesempatan ke sana..amin.. Terimakasih ya referensinya.

  4. mbak waktu itu ambil yang apa kamarnya di lotus garden? soalnya aq udah booking , tapi setelah baca2 referensi kok ngga bagus ya . apa mereka ambil kamar yang kurang bagus ya? thanks

    1. Hai Mbak, aku waktu itu yang deluxe. Dibandingkan kunjunganku beberapa tahun yang lalu, memang keliatan udah old, tapi aku waktu itu check-in malam dan check-out pagi banget, jadinya ga apa-apa kali ya?