Mandarin Orchard Hotel Review

What's the most famous and favorite hotel on Singapore's Orchard Road? Probably, Mandarin Orchard Hotel is the answer. The location is at the heart of Orchard: 2 minutes walk to Ngee Ann City, a stones walk away from Paragon Mall, and H&M is around the corner.
This is definitely not my choice if I travel with my family (although the beds in the room are huge!). First of all, because of its price, and I am not really "an Orchard person". But I had the opportunity to stay here (for free), so I guess it's not a bad idea to share my experience staying at Mandarin Orchard Hotel.
The ground floor which is directly linked to a shopping mall called Mandarin Gallery, is only a waiting area. You have to go to the 5th floor to reach the lobby area. The lobby has a modern and minimalist design, with a touch of luxury from its lighting as well as the hanging lamp.
I love the hanging lamp at the lobby area

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Wisata Kuliner di Cirebon Dalam Satu Hari

Setelah Puncak dan Bandung, destinasi pilihan weekend getaway dari Jakarta adalah Cirebon. Dibukanya tol Cipali dan waktu tempuh kereta yang hanya tiga jam, membuat banyak warga Jakarta rela pulang pergi hanya untuk menikmati wisata kuliner khas Cirebon.

"Saya sih satu setengah jam aja Bu dari rumah ke Cirebon. Makan Nasi Jamblang, terus pulang deh" begitu cerita teman kantor saya yang rumahnya di daerah Cikarang. Saya langsung ngiler dan ingin segera kembali untuk wisata kuliner satu hari di Cirebon.

Makanan khas Cirebon itu ada banyak banget, tapi favorit kami adalah Nasi Jamblang dan Empal Gentong. In between, makan seafood di Cirebon juga enak loh!

Untuk wisata kuliner satu hari di Cirebon, tiga tempat ini adalah rekomendasi kami.

1. Makan Murah Meriah di Nasi Jamblang Ibu Nur

Setibanya di Cirebon, kami langsung menyalakan aplikasi waze dan memasukan "Nasi Jamblang Ibu Nur" sebagai destinasi pertama. Pagi itu restoran masih sepi, kami bisa duduk dengan nyaman. "Bun, kok ini isinya bangku semua enggak ada meja?" tanya Kiddos#1. 

Bangku panjang yang terdapat di dalam restoran memang terlihat serupa, namun sebetulnya bangku panjang yang berfungsi sebagai meja, ukurannya lebih lebar.  

It was our Kiddos' first time trying Nasi Jamblang

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Kailis Fremantle: The Best Seafood and Fish Market in Town

Kailis' Fish Market Cafe was our main reason why we intended to visit Fremantle. It was on the top list when I was googling "where to eat good seafood in Fremantle". We wanted to eat the best fish and chip in Fremantle.

We got there on a rainy day, which was too bad, otherwise we could sit at the outdoor area, enjoying Fremantle's fishing boat harbour. Yes, the restaurant set beautifully on the waterfront, and it was one of the restaurant which is always full with visitors.

Kailis and the boats
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Family Trip to Komodo Day 1 on Youtube

It has been a while since our Family Trip to Komodo, but I hope that it's not too late to share with you our first tesyasvlog. Take a look on how awesome LOB in Komodo Island was.

P.S Thank you mr.husband for this video :)

written on December 9, 2015 by @tesyasblog

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E Shed Markets Fremantle: Cheap Souvenirs in Perth

We don't really have an urge to buy souvenirs while traveling. Most of the time we don't mind buying souvenirs from tourist attraction place, as long as they are unique. We only buy few things anyway, so the price different will not be significant.

However, I love to visit markets! So I planned to visit E Shed Markets located in Fremantle, a short drive from Perth. This market is famous as the place to find cheap souvenirs in Perth.

We still had our rented car that day, after our roadtrip to Kalbarri National Park. It was a good thing because it rained heavily throughout the day. We parked our car just in front of the main entrance.
Our little car in front of the market

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Royal Hotel Perth Review

I had two requirements when I was looking for a hotel to stay at Perth on our first night: it has to be located at Perth CBD and it should cost AUD100 at the maximum. 

The good news was, we were not visiting Perth on a peak period, but still looking for a hotel that cost AUD100 for two person in the heart of Perth was troublesome.

Until I found Royal Hotel Perth through booking[dot]com website, and yup their cheapest room was AUD100, but it comes with a shared bathroom. Because we were going to stay for a night anyway, the shared bathroom was not a big issue. After reading its positive review on tripadvisor, I clicked the reservation button.

An antique hotel in the heart of Perth

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