Komodo Trip With Kids: Thousand of Bats at Kalong Island

After visiting Rinca Island, everyone gathered in the smaller boat because we needed to save time to get to Kalong Island ("Kalong" means bat). Our smaller boat was faster than the bigger one. We had to be there before sunset to watch all the bats going out for their dinner.

Our journey started around 5 pm, leaving the Rinca Island behind us.

We were ready to go

Almost everyone sat on the deck. Our captain had prepared mattress for us, we played cards, enjoyed our snack, and just sit there enjoying the view.

On the deck of our boat

From a distance we could see the process of the sunset that day. It was so amazing to see the sunset from our boat.

The ray of light
The sunset was covered by cloud
A magnificent sunset

We reached Kalong Island on time, there were many boats which had arrived before us. 

The boats at Kalong Island

We waited for a while, then the sky changed at the blue hours. We were getting ready to watch the bats.

The blue hour at Kalong Island

And the bats showed up, started with a small group, then many many of them! It was the first time ever I saw the bats in that amount! I was speechless and wondered where they were heading to.

They were flying out from the island
It was for sure an amazing experience to see all the bats
Thousand of bats

After the last group of bats flew, the sky became so peaceful. It was purple! I sat on the deck enjoying the beauty of the sky that day.

I love it when the sky turns to purple

We had so many amazing experience during our Komodo trip with kids, and for me watching thousand of bats at Kalong Island was one of the best. You have to do this, at least once in your life.

Our happy face after watching all the bats

Then our boat headed to Pulau Kambing ("Pulau" in English is island, while "Kambing" is goat), where we parked our boat that night to sleep. That perfect day ended by enjoying dinner prepared by the boat crew. What a lovely holiday!

Our dinner

written on August 2, 2015 by @tesyasblog

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  1. ini paketnya Ibu Penyu ya kak tes? kenapa gak jadi ke Kanawa ? gak termasuk di itinerary nya kah ?

    * * *

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    1. Masuk itinerary Kak, tapi on the day, Kiddos number 2 jatoh dan bibirnya sobek. Skrg sih udah nutup lagi lukanya.

      Meaning taun depan balik Kanawa kayanya nih hehe... amiiin :)

  2. aku kmrn ngak liat kalong ihik ihik ihik

  3. Yah sayang banget Om Cumi (:

  4. Itu yang baju Item putih kayaknya kenal *eh* kaburrr hihihi

  5. aku jd bnr2 tertarik mw nyobain paket ibupenyu deh mba... abis lahiran ntr mungkin :D Kyknya emg bgs2 ya paket liburannya

    1. Eh, lagi hamil Kak? Semoga sehat dan lancar sampai melahirkan ya..
      Iya paket @ibupenyu sangat customized. Gimana coba ini rombongan ada 6 anak dan 1 remaja nya. Hehehe..