Komodo Trip With Kids: The Beauty of Pink Beach

I have heard and seen how beautiful Pink Beach in Komodo Island is, but still it was different when I see it with my own eyes. How should I describe it? It was stunning as not only the beach, but also the underwater world was dominated by pink. It was also a very secluded beach, perfect to spend a family time.

We visited Pink Beach on the second day of our liveaboard trip in Komodo Island. And so far this was our favorite snorkeling spot in Indonesia.

The bears on the Pink Beach

Our boat stopped in a distance and we went to the beach by our speedboat. Only few groups visited Pink Beach that day, we were so lucky.

All the boats

While I and the Kiddos spent our time swimming and snorkeling, Rene went up to highest hill and took gorgeous pictures of Pink Beach.

A private beach only for few people
A great lookout on the hill

Rene also went to the smaller hill at the opposite. And the view from the other side was also incredible.

The bears were looking at the beach
I was somewhere down there, enjoying my swim

I love the underwater, the coral was pink and a bit purple, even I could spot a blue and purple fish. Woooow!

Heaven for a purple lover like myself

We spent 4 hours at Pink Beach that day, I didn't want to leave. This is so far the most beautiful beach that I have visited in Indonesia.

Look at how pink the beach was
So happy swimming in the Pink Bech.

Bye for now Pink Beach and 'till we meet again. I hope that I could be back someday to this beautiful beach.

It's time to go back to our big boat

written on August 8, 2015 by @tesyasblog

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    1. Hahaha kan aku jagain Kiddos Kak Feb...*alesan

  2. Subhanallah ... so amazing.mbak. moga2 aku juga kesampean kesana someday :)

    1. Amiiin Mba Muna, bawa Nadia ke sini ya :)

  3. sumpaahhhh ini emg fotogenic bgt pemandangannyaaaaa ^o^...

    1. Iya Kak, pake hp aja udah fotogenic kok:D

  4. lucu banget itu teddy bearnya *gagal fokus* etapi beneran bikin foto jadi punya point of interest yg lebih.. hihiii :)

    1. Hehehe..makasih Mba....Teddy Bear nya kita dapet waktu jadi guest di Sheraton Bandung. So sweet ya:)

  5. Suk aliat deretan kapal2 itu berjejer :-)