Komodo Trip With Kids: Enjoying Sunset at Gili Lawa

One of the most exotic hilly area that we visited in Komodo was Gili Lawa, and our trip organizer @ibupenyu had a plan for our group to do a light trekking to see sunset at Gili Lawa.

We arrived around 3.30 pm at Gili Lawa, on our way from Pink Beach to Gili Lawa, the wave was huge. We had to hold everything on the table because the boat was shaking. Our Kiddos#2 fell asleep while Kiddos#1 was afraid that he requested me to pray out loud during the journey. Alhamdulillah we arrived safely at Gili Lawa.

The big boat used by our group approaching Gili Lawa

There were some boats at Gili Lawa already when we arrived, including the Moana cruising. A lovey and beautiful boat. This boat comes with a way more expensive tour cost per person compared to ours. 

The beautiful Moana cruise

We waited one hour at our boat, thanks God we could connect to the world again at Gili Lawa. Yes, there's internet connection here. Our Kiddos kept on asking when we were going to start our trekking. So we left at 04.30pm, and transferred by our speedboat to the beach. @ibupenyu stayed at our boat, as the girls didn't want to go up to the hill.

The boats that parked at Gili Lawa

The trekking was easy, our Kiddos could reach the top of the hill with minor help. The first sight when we reached the hill was like this, really beautiful!

This is  the gorgeous Gili Lawa

But after 10 minutes being on the hill, our Kiddos requested to go down to the beach. So I walked with them and didn't have the chance to see the sunset -_- Well, this is what happened when you travel with your kids.

Going down back to the beach

Meanwhile, mr.husband was still on the hill capturing beautiful pictures. The two bears represent the absence of our Kiddos on the hill:p

The bears were looking at the sunset:p

It was a cloudy day, however our group still could enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Our group waiting for the sunset at Gili Lawa
What a perfect match: the grass, the sea and the sunset

And here comes my favorite picture that mr.husband took that day. Ooh, Indonesia is an amazing country!

A sunset to remember

Then the cloud covered the sun...too bad (: Maybe it's a sign that there will be another trip to Komodo Island for us next time (Ooh I wish!).

Bye Mr. Sun ...

Everyone walked back to our boat and enjoyed grilled fish for our dinner. We went to sleep early, as we had a plan to see the sunrise from a higher hill the next morning.

Thank you Gili Lawa for the memorable sunset.

written on August 9, 2015 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Gili Laba ini lokasi pose sejuta umat di Instagram ya kak, emang juara banget itu view nya ih....

    * * *

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    1. Hehehe iya pose sejuta umat, tapi emang kereeen sih Kak Feb :)