Komodo Trip With Kids: Snorkeling at Kelor Island

The thing we love the most from our live aboard (LOB) in Komodo Island was the ability to park our boat, and have a snorkeling session in the beautiful beaches. Our Kiddos love beaches and swimming so much, so whenever we started our journey with our boat, the first stop should be the beach!

Just like on the first day, we started our journey from Labuan Bajo around 12.30 pm. Our Kiddos knew that we were going to swim at Pulau Kelor (Kelor Island). After the first five minute of our sail, they started to ask, "Are we there yet?" So Kak Windy played cards with them, to make them busy and enjoyed the journey.

Playing UNO cards on the boat

One hour later, we arrived at Kelor Island, and had to stop meters away from the beach, to keep all the corals from being broken.

Our first sight of Kelor Island

We waited for our bigger boat to arrive at Kelor Island. The bigger boat has a speedboat which will take us to the beach. 

Our bigger boat on its way to Kelor Island.
This was our everyday view: the sea and the hills around Komodo Island.

There were some smaller boats at the beach with only few people swimming. Well, it was a hot midday, local people were on the beach having their picnic lunch.

A beautiful beach welcomes us

Off we went to the beach with the speedboat, and minutes later everyone was enjoying the swimming and snorkeling session.

Finally the swimming session for Kiddos#2
Our boat was waiting for us in a distance

We didn't swim nor snorkel in the middle of the sea, we just swim near the beach with a group of small fish.

The fishes were around us

I found the corals and the fish at Kelor Island were not very colorful, like the one we saw in Iboih -Weh Island. Still we enjoyed our first snorkeling session at Kelor Island.

The water was very clear 

And here are the pictures of our group underwater.

Om Iwan and Kiddos#1
Vira and Om Yosi, with a GoPro
My purple watch was also underwater:D

And a family picture at Kelor Island :)

Ooh I forget to take off my hat for this picture:D

Two members of our group, Tante Ciarina and Kak Windy went up to the hill. Mr.husband gave our camera to Tante Ciarina, and she took these beautiful shots. Thank you Tante Cia :)

Didn't know that it was so beautiful from the top of the hill
Can you spot me on the beach?
Next time, I will climb the hill at Kelor Island:p

We had to stop our swimming at 2pm and got back to our boat to have lunch. Bye Kelor Island, we hope to see you again someday:)

Going back to our boat

written on July 28, 2015 by @tesyasblog

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  1. wahhh saya lagi pengen banget kesini, belum kesampean :)

  2. Ah kelorrrrr ... mempesona tp panas nya juara hahaha. Aku waktu kesini, ngak snorkling coz pada males panas nya hehe

    1. Justru karena panas mendingan ngadem di dalam air Om Cumi hahaha

  3. Subhanallah ... keren bgt viewnya. Doain aku juga bisa nyampe sana ya mbak ^-^

    1. Insya Allooh Mba, aku doakan Mba Muna dan keluarga segera LOB di Komodo ya :)

  4. I always adore you pictures kak, ituuuuuuu pasirr meuni putih pisaaann *masukin botol bawa pulang* hahahaha
    aku belum selesai baca artikel yang stranded nih hihihi

    1. Makasih Mei for your nice words:) Pasir yang pengen dibawa pulang itu yang di Pink Beach, tapi enggak tau boleh atau enggak hehe..

  5. Mba Tesya ini bikin aku iri deh hahaha, komodo always in my list Mba

    1. Ayo Salman, memang keren banget, wajib segera dipenuhi bucketlist nya:)