Train (Railink) From Medan to Kualanamu Airport

Finally I got the chance to try a train or railink in Indonesia that connects airport to the city and vice versa, yes for the first time! At the moment, only Kualanamu airport in Medan which has airport train (or in Bahasa Indonesia it is called KA Bandara). So when I visited Medan for my business trip, I really wanted to use the train. My friends in Medan only let me try one way, from Medan Station in the heart of the city to Kualanamu Airport.

We were picked up at the hotel in the morning, and my friends took me to have breakfast at Bihun Bebek Kumango which is located just 5 minutes away from Medan Station. The previous night my friend said, "You don't eat breakfast at the hotel when you are in Medan" I couldn't agree more.  

My flight schedule was at 9.40 am, from Medan to Banda Aceh. We took the train to Kualanamu airport at 7.30 am.  When I stepped inside Medan Station for the first time, I was amazed by how clean and convenient the station was.

Welcome to Medan Station
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Budget Hotel in Seminyak: Review of Fave Hotel Seminyak

When I am looking for a budget hotel in any big cities in Indonesia, I always check whether there's a Fave Hotel in that city. What I like about Fave Hotel (other than its cheap price) are: premium location, comfortable bed and clean room. And of course swimming pool availability in some locations.

I choose Fave Seminyak when I extended my business trip in Bali with 11 friends of mine. I have stayed at Fave Bypass Kuta on my previous visit, but I wanted to stay around Seminyak. My alternatives were Fave Seminyak or Fave Umalas. As always, money talks:p I got a promo rate at Fave Seminyak for IDR 350,000 per room including breakfast. The reservation was made via

The lobby of Fave Seminyak
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Waiting for Sunset at La Perouse Sydney

My husband Rene wanted to see the sunset at La Perouse Sydney back in December 2012, when we visited Sydney during summer time. We didn't get the chance, so we went there on what so called our Sydney Autumn honeymoon.

I didn't have any idea at all what La Perouse is, so I just followed Rene taking the bus to La Perouse. Unfortunately it was a cloudy afternoon. But for the sake of our curiosity of this place, we still went there.

A very romantic place, if only we could see the sunset
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