Our First Airbnb Experience in Sydney

When I was looking for a hotel in Sydney for our 2014 New Years family trip, I was frustrated to find a hotel for 2 adults and 2 person under AUD150 per night. It was just impossible to find that price in Sydney, especially for New Years period.

I discussed it with Mr.Husband, then we switched to look for an apartment using Airbnb website. Food in Sydney is expensive, so we need to cook. An apartment with kitchen will solve our problem. And with our budget, we tried to find an apartment outside Sydney, located near the beach. Yes our Kiddos love beach!

It was in March 2014 when I look for our accommodation for December 2014. I sent email to the owner of the apartment (named Nicholas) and he replied my email, "It is so early, usually I get booking 3 months prior to the date of reservation" Hahaha.. a family traveling means a well preparation.

Nicholas' apartment was my first choice, and when he replied my message asking whether his apartment was available, I booked it directly, and had to pay in advance to Airbnb. This is the link to his apartment: Nicholas Apartment in Randwick.

In front of Nicholas' apartment
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Skyline Luge Sentosa Singapore

One of the Sentosa's attraction which I always recommend to our blog readers and friends is the Skyline Luge. Having tried only the Gondola and not the luge in Queenstown-New Zealand, I was planning to try the luge in Sentosa.

We arrived early in the morning and headed to the ticket counter. My friends choose to buy the 3 Luge and Skyride cost SGD26, while I choose only one ride cost SGD17. There was no queue at all, so we went directly to the Skyride.

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Liburan ke Perth 5 Hari 4 Malam

Katanya, jangan bolak balik ke satu tempat yang sama, supaya bisa mengunjungi banyak tempat di dunia ini. Tapi, kami kembali lagi ke Australia. Kali ini kami liburan as a couple ke Perth. Dan rasanya kami masih ingin kembali beberapa kali lagi. Hehehe...

Silahkan membaca tulisan kami tentang liburan di berbagai kota Australia di link ini ya: Liburan ke Australia.

Cafe at Kings Park, with a super view to Perth's CBD

Kenapa kami memilih liburan ke Perth?

1. Kami mendapatkan tiket murah dari Air Asia dan visa kami masih berlaku.
2. Kami belum pernah ke Perth.
3. Cuti yang terbatas, kami hanya punya Rabu hingga Minggu, sehingga Perth cukup ideal karena jarak yang tidak terlalu jauh.

Mudah-mudahan excuse kami cukup logic untuk dapat diterima. Saya batasi tiga alasan aja, kalau tidak list nya bisa lanjut hingga nomor 50:D

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Enjoying a Full Session at Kidzania Jakarta

It’s time to go back to Kidzania Jakarta for a full session! Yeay:)) Our Kiddos were so happy to be able to try other establishments after their short visit with the Kidzania TranzitTicket. We decided to choose the first session on Sunday morning (from 09.00 am to 02.00 pm), and we were lucky that there were not too many groups at Kidzania.

The check-in process

Arrival at Kidzania Airport

We arrived 15 minutes prior to the opening hour of Kidzania, and it was already crowded. Phew! We queued at the express ticket counter, although there were lots of people the check-in process was smooth, we didn’t have to wait more than 15 minutes.

The Kidzania crew than place a bracelet on our hand and yes we were so ready to get in.

Everyone (including adults) has to wear the bracelet
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Orang Utan Trip With Kids: Seeing Orang Utan at Camp Leakey-Kalimantan (Day 3)

Finally we reached Camp Leakey at 1 pm, after visiting Pondok Tanggui. We could see many klotoks who had arrive earlier than our group. They were waiting near the entrance of Camp Leakey.

We were waiting until we could go to Camp Leakey. The feeding starts at 2 pm

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Orang Utan Trip With Kids: Visiting Pondok Tanggui (Day 2)

So you come to this post after reading our day 1 of our Orang Utan Trip right? Let's continue the story.

All of us had a great sleep on our klotok and ready to enjoy our second day exploring Tanjung Puting National Park. We started our day with having fried rice (or nasi goreng in Indonesian language) for our breakfast in our klotok. We stored some in the lunch box, just to prepare if our Kiddos asked something to eat before lunch were served.

Our fabulous trip was organised by Orang Utan Days.

Enjoying breakfast on the klotok
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Orang Utan Trip: Exploring Tanjung Puting National Park With Kids (Day 1)

Are you planning to visit Indonesia (or for Indonesian, to visit the Central of Kalimantan) for your "Orang Utan Trip"? We have just finished our Orang Utan 3D2N trip with our Kiddos. And as we did our first live on board (LOB), it was for sure a memorable trip for the whole family. Our trip was organized by Orang Utan Days.

We loved cruising the beautiful Sekonyer river. Personally I love water and trees, so it explains why I enjoy this journey so much.

A klotok in front of us cruising the Sekonyer river

For my blog readers, I'd like to make a daily field trip of our experience visiting Tanjung Puting National Park. Yes with so many pictures! So we could share how beautiful it is.

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