Orang Utan Trip With Kids: Visiting Pondok Tanggui (Day 2)

So you come to this post after reading our day 1 of our Orang Utan Trip right? Let's continue the story.

All of us had a great sleep on our klotok and ready to enjoy our second day exploring Tanjung Puting National Park. We started our day with having fried rice (or nasi goreng in Indonesian language) for our breakfast in our klotok. We stored some in the lunch box, just to prepare if our Kiddos asked something to eat before lunch were served.

Our fabulous trip was organised by Orang Utan Days.

Enjoying breakfast on the klotok

We continued our journey and headed to Pondok Tanggui to see Orang Utan's feeding time in the morning. All of the klotok were moving to the same direction. When I asked to our guide Pak Hadri, what "Tanggui" means, he explained that it means farmer's hat. A long time ago, many people had worked here as farmers.

We started our journey with other klotok
Indonesian flag's in our klotok
Again, Kiddos#1 at his fave spot

We walked inside a wooden path before we reach the ranger's house. There are 2 rangers in charge in Pondok Tanggui. And one of them was a blind man. My heart cried when I saw he took the banana for Orang Utan on his back, and he walked together with other ranger. 

Too bad I didn't take the picture of him. But for sure he had inspire me to work harder. Thank you Pak, I pray for your health and happiness:)

With Hadri our guide, at the entrance fo Pondok Tanggui
Kiddos were entering Pondok Tanggui
The rangers lived inside the house in this area
There were also a gazebo in front of the ranger's house

After everyone in our group was ready, we began entering the forest.

We walked under the trees for a while

We didn't take any hats this time, we thought that the track would be similar with the one in Tanjung Harapan. But we were wrong. It was really hot at Pondok Tanggui.

Again, beautiful trees!

Our group, under the sun

Arrival at the feeding area, again the seats were all full. So we sat at the back, and waited for Orang Utan to come. Our guide has told us many time to be patient, because the Orang Utan at Pondok Tanggui prefer to stay inside the forest. The rangers kept on calling Orang Utan to come, "Uuuuuu....uuuuuuu"...

Everyone was waiting for the Orang Utan

Finally they came, not so many, but we were fortunate to see them in Pondok Tanggui.

Orang Utan was looking at the crowd
Then he drank from the bowl. He was thirsty!

And everyone was busy taking pictures, but we kept the silence to respect Orang Utan. However, when you have two kids in the forest, silent was a challenge. Many times they made noise and everyone looked at our Kiddos. Oh My...!

The crowd that morning

When the Orang Utan had left the stage, we explored the forest. There were many wild animals in the forests, one of them that we spotted was termite, many of them eating the trees.

Errrr.... it wasn't my fave picture:p

We left the feeding area and walked back to our klotok. Kiddos wanted to go up to the tower, but we said a big NO. We didn't sure how safe it was to go all the way up to the top of the tower.

Kiddos#2 was exhausted that he asked mr.husband to take him at the back. So here we go, mr.husband with our 32kg Kiddos#2!

It's father's part, not mine:D

A surprise waited at the klotok, one Orang Utan named Atlas was so close to our klotok!

Atlas, as seen from our klotok

We waived goodbye to Atlas and continued our trip. This time we were going to Camp Leakey to meet Tom, the alpha male Orang Utan. The walk to Pondok Tanggui was quiet far that made us tired and some of us continued to sleep:D

We had lunch approaching Camp Leakey, lunch were served again at the klotok.

Our lunch

Then we saw a sign that Camp Leakey only 8 KM away, couldn't wait to meet Tom. We hope that we are lucky enough to be able to meet Tom.

8 km away to go to meet Tom
The river approaching Camp Leakey

to be continued...

written on May 10, 2015 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Ini konservasi orang utan juga ya Mba, wah kerennya ke taman nasional tanjung puting

    1. Iya Kak, tempat konservasi-nya ada tiga: Tanjung Harapan, Pondok Tanggui dan Camp Leakey.
      Ayo donk Bluepacker ke Tanjung Puting:)

  2. Thanks for sharing with us...
    seruuuu... put in our bucket list aaaahhhh..

    1. Iya Mba, seru banget tinggal di klotok dan melihat orang utan nya. Semoga bisa segera kesana ya.

  3. Hahaha njaluk gendong. Itu menara pandangnya kuat kok kak, aku naik ke atas juga. ;)

    1. Ih tapi Kak Adie, serem aja kalo naik ke atas ama Kiddos...hahaha...serem kalo minta gendong lagi:D