Orang Utan Trip With Kids: Seeing Orang Utan at Camp Leakey-Kalimantan (Day 3)

Finally we reached Camp Leakey at 1 pm, after visiting Pondok Tanggui. We could see many klotoks who had arrive earlier than our group. They were waiting near the entrance of Camp Leakey.

We were waiting until we could go to Camp Leakey. The feeding starts at 2 pm

At 1.30 our guide told us that we were already allowed to go to Camp Leakey. Our klotok approached the Camp Leakey's pier. 

The entrance to Camp Leakey
Rezha was reading all the rules at Camp Leakey

All of the sudden, one Orang Utan named Siswi (female) blocked our road! She laid down on the wooden path. Then we knew from our guide that Tom, the alpha male orang utan, was also around us. 

With the help of our guide and other guide from a different group, we succeeded walking further inside, passing Siswi.

A road block by Siswi
Tom was sitting not far from Siswi, watching people coming to Camp Leakey

We continued walking inside Camp Leakey and reached the main entrance. 

Can you see our Kiddos far in front of us with the guide?:D

Before we headed to the forest, we went inside the Visitor's Information Center, which we could get so many information regarding Orang Utan. Did you know that they also have a family tree?

Tut was Tom's mom, and Tom also has a brother named Terry

Afterwards, we prepared ourselves to go into the forest. Please bear in mind all the rules at Camp Leakey, one of them is to stay approximately 5 m from the Orang Utan.

The rules

The track was doubled (in terms of distance) compared with the track at Tanjung Harapan. Kiddos#1 kept on asking "Are we there yet?" While Kiddos#2 couldn't do it on his own. On the half way, he asked his father for a help.

We finally reached the feeding area, with a big sign to keep silent. After waiting for 20 minutes, the Orang Utan came. With the help of the rangers who shouted in a special way to call the Orang Utan.

The crowd at Camp Leakey

There was a guest to the Orang Utan, it was a gibbon named Boy. He was also hungry and responded to the ranger's call.

Orang Utan and the gibbon

Tom's brother named Terry came to the feeding area, also with a female Orang Utan with his son. The gibbon made the crowd laughed with his action to steal the bananas.

Boy was getting ready to steal the banana. Hilarious! Picture was taken by Rezha.
Terry was looking at Boy, but he let the gibbon took some bananas away

We stayed at the feeding area waiting for Tom to come, but he never appeared. So we decided to go back to our klotok. Lucky us we met Siswi and Tom again before the exit of Camp Leakey.

Tom was really huge
Siswi, the queen

Then we continued walking to our klotok. We waited a while at the pier, when everyone was ready, the klotok approached us and we continued our journey. This time we were heading back to Kumai, but we will stop at one place and park our klotok to sleep.

At the pier of Camp Leakey
Waiting for our klotok
Heading back to Kumai with other klotoks

The journey will be 3 hours, so after taking a shower, we just relaxed at the klotok.

Kiddos#1 was taking a nap

On our way to a place called "muara" we saw monkey which is called "Bekantan" along the river. Many of them!

Then we enjoyed the sunset on klotok, a beautiful sunset:)

Sunset at Sekonyer river

Approaching "muara" we saw fireflies along the river. It was amazing as we couldn't find fireflies near our house. Too bad, it was too dark, we couldn't take a proper picture of the fireflies.

We slept at muara, this time only our klotok parked there. The place was a bit spooky (at least I felt that way), I didn't see anything though. But our Kiddos#2 woke up at 12 am and he cried. "I wanna go home!" he said over and over again. After 15 minutes of crying, he went back to sleep.

On the next day, yes we were going home after enjoying the sunrise and the last breakfast on the klotok.

We woke up with this view!
The golden sunrise at Tanjung Puting
Our last breakfast on the klotok

It was a special holiday for all of us :) We would like to thank OrangUtanDays who has helped us arrange this holiday. And of course to our klotok's crew: Pak Rudi, Mas Tri, Bu Su and Pak Hadri.

Our group with the crew

written on May 11, 2015 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Eitssss liat kapan2 yg di gunakan kok aku jadi pingin ke tanjung puting :-)

  2. Siswi nih dari dulu caper banget klo ada Tom. Kzl. Si gibbon satu itu juga selalu minta 'jatah preman' di camp Leaky. Tapi, tempatnya paling seru dari kedua camp sebelumnya. Ikutan trekking malam juga gak kak? ;)

    1. Hahaha aduh aku tegang banget waktu lewatin Siswi lagi tiduran. Tapi guide nya bilang "gpp lewat aja". Kiddos digendong ama guide, aaaargghhh serem! Trekking malam mah ga ikutan Kak, kami selalu tidur setelah makan malam hehehehe...

  3. this was great experience

    1. Yes, indeed! It was a special family traveling experience for us.

  4. Keren banget......salut sama nyali keluarga ini.

    1. Hai Mbak...seru loh liburan ke Tanjung Puting :)

  5. Waaaaaa beruntungnya, kami waktu itu gak jumpa sama Tom :( hkss

    1. Ohya? Tom nya lagi kemana? Sayang banget (:

  6. Mbak Tasya, kereeen banget ya pengalaman ke Tanjung Puting. Jadi kepengen. Terima kasih untuk reportasenya. Muaah!

    1. Ayoo Mba Nancy, it's a lifetime experience!

  7. Mba tesya, aku baca ini aku yang deg degan ya, klo kiddos aku yang ikut pasti minta pulang hebat euy kiddos mu jiwa adventurenya, ngomong2 ada buayanya gak sih mba?aku mau coba tapi nger2 sedap kayanya

    1. Hahahaha..iya Mba katanya sih ada buayanya.
      Anak-anak pasti suka kok Mba..cobain deh...

  8. Hi Mbak Tesya, aku selalu ngikutin blog nya. Naksir berat nih ke Camp Orang Utan. Boleh tahu gak kira-kira habis berapa? 2 Dewasa and 2 anak. Biar tahu mesti nabung berapa hehehe... Terimakasih ya.

    1. Hai Mbak, thank you for reading our blogs. Paketnya beragam, per orang mulai Rp 1,5 juta. Kemudian tiket pesawatnya PP Rp 1 juta an. Semoga bisa segera kesana ya.