Orang Utan Trip: Exploring Tanjung Puting National Park With Kids (Day 1)

Are you planning to visit Indonesia (or for Indonesian, to visit the Central of Kalimantan) for your "Orang Utan Trip"? We have just finished our Orang Utan 3D2N trip with our Kiddos. And as we did our first live on board (LOB), it was for sure a memorable trip for the whole family. Our trip was organized by Orang Utan Days.

We loved cruising the beautiful Sekonyer river. Personally I love water and trees, so it explains why I enjoy this journey so much.

A klotok in front of us cruising the Sekonyer river

For my blog readers, I'd like to make a daily field trip of our experience visiting Tanjung Puting National Park. Yes with so many pictures! So we could share how beautiful it is.

We arrived around midday at the port which is called "Pelabuhan Wisata Kumai". Our trip organizer Bang Yomie greeted us warmly, and gave us a short briefing on the "klotok".  

"Klotok" is how the boat is called. It is made from wood called "ulin", a special wood which can be found in several places, including Kalimantan island.

Let's board to our klotok

We choose OrangUtanDays for our tour provider, and yes it is really recommended. Check out their website, and when you contact Bang Yomie, just request a trip like tesya's family:D The itinerary of our 3D2N trip could be read here.

Our klotok was clean, big and comfortable. The bedsheets with animals picture on it were a personal touch for our Kiddos.

Getting ready for the journey

The captain named Pak Rudi, started our cruise, and we left Kumai port. 

Kumai port as seen from our boat

As soon as we started our journey, Pak Hadri (our guide), prepared our lunch on the table. We have our own chef on the boat named Ibu Su. And she cooked yummy food for all of us.

Our first lunch on the klotok

The klotok then turned to a narrow river, with a sign "welcome to Tanjung Puting National Park" on the right (too bad it was so small to be seen in the below picture). After completing his lunch, Kiddos#1 discovered his fave spot on the klotok.

Pak Hadri with Kiddos#1
Turn right to Tanjung Puting National Park

When it was turn for us to have lunch, suddenly the rain started. And the captain's assistant covered our boat. We were served like a royal family:D

This was how we survived from the rain

When the rain stopped, we enjoyed taking pictures at the front area of the klotok.

Kiddos at the klotok

After an almost 1.5 hours journey, we arrived at the first stop which was the "Tanjung Harapan". Yeay we finally will meet Orang Utan in their wildlife!

Many of the klotok parked near Tanjung Harapan 
We left our boat and started our trekking to Tanjung Harapan

There was a visitor information center, but we didn't get in. We started our trekking into the forest, as the feeding time will be started soon. However, it was hard to stop our Kiddos from going up to the trees.

Just like their mom, our Kiddos love tree as well:D

It wasn't 22 KM trekking, Pondok Tanggui is the next place we will visit on the 2nd day

It was only a 20 minutes walking to the feeding area of Orang Utan. The track was also easy for our Kiddos.

Welcome to Kalimantan's forest

Kiddos#2 succeeded to walk by his own
The sand inside the forest

We arrived at the feeding area and found out that all the chairs were full. So we just stand at the back. We saw the female Orang Utan named Fatimah from a distance. It was amazing to see them in their wildlife. To see them coming from the trees to get their banana.

Watching Orang Utans
Fatimah and her son

But the place was so hot, I didn't feel any wind there. It made our Kiddos#2 cranky and he wanted to go back to the klotok after 20 minutes we were there. So I walked back with him to the klotok. Few minutes later, the rest of our group walked back to our klotok.

Our klotok, side by side with other groups

We enjoyed our coffee break before continue our cruise. And we had banana fritters for our snack that afternoon:)

Yummy yummy!!

By the way, many of my friends asked how the toilet was. So here's the picture of it. It has a shower (with clean water) but the water pressure was so low. So I prefer taking shower with the water from Sekonyer river. The water from the river was so fresh!

Don't worry, the toilet was ok :)

Then the klotok were ready to go, one by one left Tanjung Harapan.

We enjoyed the cruise again, some of our team took a nap, while I and Kiddos#1 enjoyed reading. Or sometimes he went to his fave spot at the klotok.

Reading a novel in peace, picture taken by Celia
He found a good spot to read his comic:p
And also a spot to enjoy the river

Our klotok stopped in one place, together with another klotok from a different group. We enjoyed the sunset on the river.

A peaceful sunset on the river

After our yummy dinner, the klotok crew prepared our bed. And we were ready to sleep inside the curtain which covered our bed.

Our dinner

Our bed was ready

At 4 am, we woke up and we enjoyed thousand of stars in the sky. It was amazing! We don't need to go to Lake Tekapo NZ to see beautiful stars! Too bad mr.husband's camera didn't capture the stars perfectly.

Can you see the milky way?
Thousand of stars in the sky

It's our 1st day on the klotok, and we were curious to meet more Orang Utan on the next day. 

to be continued..

written on May 8, 2015 by @tesyasblog

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  1. wow, that is really nice trip :)

  2. you guys really living on your dream ! keren banget nih kak trip ini, pastinya unforgettable for the kiddos and they will thank you later ! :-)

    * * *

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    1. Iya Kak Feb, they were super happy. Di klotok aja enggak bisa diem, naik turun melulu...:)

  3. Wah, si Kiddos kaos merah sepertinya sama tuh sama saya. Di saat yang lain pada bobo siang, kita asyik baca buku dan motret. LoB ini bener2 nyenengin. Lebih nyenengin drpd LoBnya komodo. Yang ini makanannya enak2 dan melimpah. Pas nginep sore2 situ gak disamperin sekawanan bekantan ya? Kok blm ada fotonya. Next post kali yes ;)

  4. Sounds like fun. I'm sure kiddos really enjoyed this trip ^-^

  5. Keren banget ya Mba, pengen kesana jadinya hehehe

    1. Iya Kak, ayo kesana barengan temen-temen, seru banget!

  6. LOB kayaknya seru bangeeett! Your kids are very lucky! :D

    1. Iya itu dia Kak Halida, aku pikir kaya apa gitu LOB, ternyata enak banget. Can't wait for another round hehehe

  7. mba di kapalnya kalo malam gitu ga panas ya? kapal berhenti pas malam kan ya? kalo lg bergerak okelah ada angin... Aku masih ngebayangin pas Brunei soalnya...panasnya puol-puol an..

    Kayaknya seru sih ya... tp kalo dgr sungai kalimantan, aku lgs inget film anaconda hahaha ;p

    1. Enggak panas kok, malah aku pake sarung bali ku tetep. Iya klotok-nya berhenti pas malem. Terus kita tidur kegoyang-goyang gitu kaya di box bayi. Hehehe...

      Iya, emang enggak boleh nyemplung Fan, ada buaya.

  8. Tanjung puting memang cocok untuk semua, dari anak-anak hingga orangtue pasti suka...enjoy Kalimantan :-D

    1. Iya Kak, asyik banget liburan keluarga di Tanjung Puting:)

  9. Halo Mbak. Seneng baca blognya. Mudah-mudahan tahun ini bisa ke sana juga.
    Kalau boleh tahu, harga paket trip dari orangutandays.com berapa ya per orangnya?
    Terima kasih sebelumnya.

    1. Hai Mba Sari, mengenai harga aku bahas di blog family traveling ku : www.tesyaskinderen.com
      Per orangnya Rp 1.9 juta Mba.

  10. Very informative! I will go to tanjung puting soon. Unfortunately, i cannot find on any agency's website a transparent overview of the tariffs. The only exception is http://tanjungputing.local-guides.org. They even seem to have quite liw tariffs, but i wonder if you know any better agencies or not?

    1. Hai Laura, we used http://www.orangutandays.com/
      Send me email to tesyas.blog@gmail.com Hope I will be able to contact you with Mr.Yomie from Orang Utan Days.