Enjoying The Day at Lake Tekapo

Our last day in New Zealand was spent in Lake Tekapo. There was nothing much to do at Lake Tekapo except enjoying the beauty of the lake and the lovely church called church of the Good Shepherd, one of New Zealand's iconic picture.

I saw many tourist buses stopped at this church for a while, giving the tourists an opportunity to take picture with the church. We were fortunate that we had a one night stay at Lake Tekapo.

Beautiful old church at Lake Tekapo

It feels that time really stop at Lake Tekapo. If only it was not that cold, I would have sit here for hours and read a book the whole day. These pictures would tell how peaceful Lake Tekapo is :)

The astonishing view of Lake Tekapo
Waiting for sunset

The town center of Lake Tekapo is meters away from the lake. There are hotels, motels, restaurants and shops at the town center. The town center will be packed with the tourists buses around lunch time.  

at Dough Boys Bakery - Cafe

Our fave: chicken and mushroom quiche

Rene managed to wake up at 03.00 am to capture the stars above the old church. The sky was clear enough to give Rene a dazzling show of flickering lights.

Just before the sunrise

Lake Tekapo Hot Spring

One thing you must not missed if you are visiting Lake Tekapo is to have a dip at Lake Tekapo Hot Spring. The pool is at the hill overlooking Lake Tekapo. It was just awesome to swim with this incredible view.

Lake Tekapo Hot Pool Sring
Kiddos at the pool

We bought the ticket to Lake Tekapo Hot Spring at 50% discount from bookme NZD 10 for each person. We only bought the hot pools ticket. There are three pools with different temperature. Kiddos were only allowed at Ohau and Pukaki pool. While the Tekapo pool is only for adult due to its temperature.

3 different pools

Actually we could also buy a combo ticket which consist of the pool and the Trippo Waterslide. The slide and soak combo ticket cost NZD 36 and NZD 24 for adult and child.

Let's slide and soak!

We ended our swimming session at 12 pm and went to the cafe for a while. There's also an outdoor space to enjoy the view of Lake Tekapo from the cafe.

There was no day spent without ice cream for our Kiddos:D
Shall we have a cup of coffee here?

Though it was only a short visit to Lake Tekapo, it was a memorable one. I would love to stay here for a week!

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Where we stayed at Lake Tekapo:

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