Visiting Asahiyama Zoo, The Best Zoo in Japan

Some of you might put Disney Sea or Universal Studio Japan in your family holiday itinerary to Japan as "must visit" places. For our family, we avoid going to themeparks. Instead, museums, aquariums and zoo are always on the top of our must visit places list.

By far, our favorite city with best museums and aquarium is Sydney. How about zoo? I must say that the Asahiyama Zoo which is located in Asahikawa, Hokkaido (2 hours train ride from Sapporo), had stollen our heart. 

Known as the best zoo in Japan, Asahiyama Zoo is very famous with its penguin parade during winter. But how fun it was to visit this zoo during summer? It was a blast! We love the penguin museum, the open outdoor, the view to the city and everything!

Mr.husband had taken load of pictures that it was so hard for me to pick for this post! And this was my fave picture of Asahiyama Zoo, yup the penguin!

Hi there gorgeous!

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