[Featured Post] Dinner at Toastina Sheraton Bandung

There was a wedding party held during our weekend getaway in Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers (this is a featured post, see disclaimer below). So Miss Isma who was responsible for the Towers Lounge, gave us two option: dinner at Samara or Towers Lounge. Samara is the lounge located at the lobby of Sheraton.

Then I asked Miss Isma, whether we could have dinner at Toastina, a cafe located outside the lobby of Sheraton. Miss Isma said it was ok, both of the lounge and also Toastina will serve food from Feast Restaurant, because of the wedding is held at Feast Restaurant.

I have read about Toastina Pastry and Coffee House over the internet, all the reviews mentioned how cozy this place is. The coffee and the affordable price are often mentioned as the highlights by the reviewers of Toastina.

Yup, indeed it is a cozy place
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[Featured Post] 10 Things Which Made Sheraton The Best Family Hotel in Bandung

I seldom give "excellent" rating for my tripadvisor review, my highest review score usually "very good". However, having stayed in Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers (this is a featured post, please see disclaimer below), I gave my tripadvisor review on Sheraton Bandung an "excellent" rating.

For our family, Sheraton Bandung succeeded to get the title of "The Best Family Hotel in Bandung". There are lot of things why this hotel deserve such a title. 

I listed 10 of them:

Super cool pool at the middle of the hotel

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[Featured Post] Towers Lounge Sheraton Bandung

Upon arrival at Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers (this is a featured post, please see disclaimer below), we were ushered from the hotel's lobby to the Towers Lounge by a hotel staff. "Let me walk with you to the Towers Lounge", she said. Wow, I didn't know that guests staying at the Towers Room have the privilege to check-in at the lounge as well as entitled to access the lounge for tea and coffee throughout the day:) 

The check-in was a breeze, Miss Isma, a very helpful and friendly staff of Towers Lounge reminds us before leaving the lounge, "Please join our evening cocktails starting 4 pm at the Towers Lounge". An evening cocktails from 4pm-7pm was also included in our room reservation. Yeay! 

Our room located only few meters away from the lounge, it was handy as we could go to the lounge anytime we like. We went to the Towers Lounge for our evening cocktails at 5 pm, there were only few people inside. 

The elegance Towers Lounge

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(Featured Post) Family Buffet Lunch at Feast Restaurant Sheraton Bandung

On our weekend getaway at Sheraton Hotel & Towers Bandung (this is a featured post, please see the disclaimer below), we arrived before lunch time and found the traffic jam had already started in Bandung. So was the Dago area, where Sheraton Bandung is located.

I guess it was because that Saturday was the last day of school for the first semester, where parents go to school to take the student's report. So we decided to stay at the hotel for our lunch.

We choose to eat at Feast Restaurant as it provides lunch buffet overlooking the pool area. When we entered the restaurant, we were amazed with the variety of food provided, there were so many food inside! Not only me and Rene who were surprised, our kiddos were happy to see the kids station serving ice cream, candies, cakes, marshmallow and a tower of lollipops! "I want ice cream", kiddos request even before we decided where to sit.

A Santa cake welcomes us
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Two Cents Coffee Bandung: A Cafe To Start Your Weekend

Two Cents Coffee is a nice small cafe around Jalan Riau (yes with all those Factory Outlets). To be precised, it is located on Jalan Cimanuk. If you are driving from Heritage Factory Outlet, turn left on the first road, then you will find Two Cents Coffee on your right.

As always, we arrived early on a Saturday morning in Bandung. We were looking for a place to have great coffee and I remember this place, a famous cafe that I knew from my twitter timeline. Oh yes, it opens at 7 am on Saturday! Great for morning people like us:p

A cafe with beautiful interior design

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Review of Aston Hotel Belitung

It was our second visit to Belitung, and we were so happy that now Aston Hotel is already opened. Having stayed at Lor Inn and Bahamas Hotel before, this time we wanted to stay at Aston. Yup the picture of the pool on their website looks very inviting.

Compared to other two hotels that we had stayed before, this one is a very busy hotel. If you wish to stay in a peaceful area, this hotel is not the one you are looking for. 

We entered the huge lobby with a fishpond near the reception area. However, do not expect the same friendliness of the hotel staff as you might find in any other Aston Hotel. Something that Aston Belitung Management has to workout on.

The lobby of Aston Belitung
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Villa Sandy at North Kuta, For A Big Family Holiday in Bali

Are you looking for a place to stay with your family in Bali? Why not book a villa which consist of 3 bedrooms and a swimming pool via airbnb

I stumbled at the pictures of one of my friend's villa located at North Kuta. He advertised his villa through airbnb, with this link: 

When I saw the villa for the first time, I fell in love with it. It's just perfect to stay there if we go to Bali with our parents. All the rooms are special with a view to the rice field, and one being only few steps away from the swimming pool. I guess, the room which connected to the pool will be suitable for our kiddos.

A luxurious villa, perfect for a family holiday in Bali (Photo by Sandy Permadi)
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On a Junk Boat from Yau Ma Tei to West Kowloon

To end our photo trip in Hong Kong that day, our friend Andi offered us to ride on a junk boat from Yau Ma Tei typhoon shelter. "Is it the same Yau Ma Tei with Yee Shun Milk company?" I asked Andi because I remember on our itinerary we'd like to try the famous milk pudding in Yau Ma Tei area.

Andi looked at his watch, we were late for our lunch already. A tour to Stonecutters and Tsing Ma Bridge had made us skip our lunch. Maybe he thought I was asking the milk pudding because I was hungry:p "No, it's a different Yau Ma Tei" he answered. Then he continued, "Let's grab some fast lunch at MTR station and continued our journey to Yau Ma Tei".

We had a take away Sushi at the nearest MTR station, then took MTR to Olympic MTR Station. We followed Andi to the exit and walk about 10 minutes before we reach Yau Ma Tei typhoon shelter. Then we saw the junk boats with an old man and a lady inside. "Look, those people live on the boat!" When I saw a plant on the top of the boat, I knew Andi was telling the truth.

An old junk boat with skyscrapers as the background
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A Photo Tour to Tsing Ma Bridge Hong Kong

Upon arrival at Hong Kong International Airport, we took airport bus and sat on the second floor. It was early in the morning and we were amazed by the view of sunrise when we approached Tsing Ma Bridge, a bridge that connects two islands: Tsing Yi and Ma Wan.

Tsing Ma Bridge is the world's largest suspension bridge that carries both road and rails traffic. So when you take the airport bus from the airport to Hong Kong or Kowloon, you will be passing the bridge. But if you take the Airport Express Train, you will go through the tunnel under the Tsing Ma Bridge. It is how sophisticated this bridge is.

It was the first view we saw in Hong Kong after our midnight flight
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Getting Close to Stonecutters Bridge Hong Kong

We were lucky that we have friends in Hong Kong who were able to take us around while we spend our weekend getaway in Hong Kong. Deasy and Andi have been living there more than 5 years, with all of their knowledge about Hong Kong, still they were in doubt where to take us that morning.

I wanted to visit Repulse Bay and Shek O beach, but Andi suggest other thing: to see the view of Stonecutters Bridge. Then I remember passing that bridge and all the colorful container by airport bus. Suddenly the beaches sound less interesting, and I agreed to visit anti main stream tourist place: container in Hong Kong and the bridge.

Andi is a professional photographer, his amazing pictures could be seen in his website https://andreas-images.com/. So it was kind of a photo trip around Hong Kong that day with Andi and Deasy. A trip that my husband Rene enjoyed so much. 

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Staying at Apple Hostel Chungking Mansion

"Never stay at Chungking Mansion", "Please avoid this place", "You have to wait for the lift for half an hour"... I ran through the comments on tripadvisor from travelers who have stayed at Chungking Mansion. I was wondering, is this place really that bad? "The traveler" inside myself decided to try and experience it by myself. I would like to know, how bad is bad?  

"Is it ok if we stay at Chungking Mansion for our last night in Hong Kong? It's only HKD 300 per night for the two of us. The cheapest room I could get so far" I asked Rene, before clicking the reserve button in booking.com. Rene asked me how the review on tripadvisor was. I told him that many travellers complaint about Chungking Mansion, but the Apple Hostel I choose had positive reviews. He said ok, and I proceed the booking.

We spent our first night at Causewaybay Inn, a modern and affordable hostel located at Times Square Hong Kong. Because our itinerary was exploring Tsim Sha Tsui area on the second night, I had the idea to stay at Tsim Sha Tsui. Well in terms of location, Chungking Mansion is perfect. Just minutes away from Kowloon Mosque, MTR Station, and Star Ferry Terminal.  

The busy Chungking Mansion at night
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