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Upon arrival at Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers (this is a featured post, please see disclaimer below), we were ushered from the hotel's lobby to the Towers Lounge by a hotel staff. "Let me walk with you to the Towers Lounge", she said. Wow, I didn't know that guests staying at the Towers Room have the privilege to check-in at the lounge as well as entitled to access the lounge for tea and coffee throughout the day:) 

The check-in was a breeze, Miss Isma, a very helpful and friendly staff of Towers Lounge reminds us before leaving the lounge, "Please join our evening cocktails starting 4 pm at the Towers Lounge". An evening cocktails from 4pm-7pm was also included in our room reservation. Yeay! 

Our room located only few meters away from the lounge, it was handy as we could go to the lounge anytime we like. We went to the Towers Lounge for our evening cocktails at 5 pm, there were only few people inside. 

The elegance Towers Lounge

Rene and kiddos sat at the balcony to enjoy the view of Dago valley. The rain had just stopped, it was perfect for a hot cup of coffee. And yes with a breathtaking view:)

Our family time at the balcony

Then we moved inside as the staff just light on the fireplace. We enjoyed the lounge which is dominated by gold, giving it the luxury feel on the top of the beautiful and artistic lamp. 

A private place to meet you families and friends at Sheraton

Food and drinks were served for the evening cocktails, we could take anything we like. (( ANYTHING )) cakes, fruits, cheese, salad.. all for FREE :)

Which one do you like?
Free flow juice and softdrink
French cheese!
My fave: Dilmah Tea:)

We tried the shrimp salad and some bread for our cocktail, while kiddos enjoyed their chocolate cakes. We could sit at this beautiful lounge for hours, if only our kiddos didn't ask to go back to our room:p

Kiddos and the cakes

The Towers Lounge is only accessible for guests staying at Towers Room and suites only. Ensure you book these rooms to enjoy the Towers Lounge. This lounge is not only special for its interiors and food, the staffs are also excellent. They will surely make you feel at HOME while enjoying the Towers Lounge.

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written on December 23, 2014 by @tesyasblog

We were guests of Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers, however the opinion written here are ours, based on our personal experience.

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  1. duh, makan-makan centil yaaah di tempat kece :D aaakkk,
    aku di suites waktu itu, tapi ga tau kalo bisa ke sini *kemudian nunduk, monjok dipijokan kayak sapu* :((

    1. Artinya nanti kapan-kapan mesti balik lagi ke sini, pas honeymoon mungkin? #eh