(Featured Post) Family Buffet Lunch at Feast Restaurant Sheraton Bandung

On our weekend getaway at Sheraton Hotel & Towers Bandung (this is a featured post, please see the disclaimer below), we arrived before lunch time and found the traffic jam had already started in Bandung. So was the Dago area, where Sheraton Bandung is located.

I guess it was because that Saturday was the last day of school for the first semester, where parents go to school to take the student's report. So we decided to stay at the hotel for our lunch.

We choose to eat at Feast Restaurant as it provides lunch buffet overlooking the pool area. When we entered the restaurant, we were amazed with the variety of food provided, there were so many food inside! Not only me and Rene who were surprised, our kiddos were happy to see the kids station serving ice cream, candies, cakes, marshmallow and a tower of lollipops! "I want ice cream", kiddos request even before we decided where to sit.

A Santa cake welcomes us

Somehow, kiddos agreed to eat first before the ice cream party. So we started our lunch with the noodle station for our kiddos#2, yup he is a big fan of noodle. When I asked him at the noodle station what were the addition he'd like for the noodle, he only choose fishballs and meatballs. Then the chef had them boiled and gave me a bowl of the noodle with the addition we had choose. By the way, kiddos also enjoyed how the chef prepared the homemade noodle.

There were 3 colorful pans we could choose for the stocks of our noodle. The blue one was for beef stock, the orange one was the tom yum stock and the green one was the chicken stock. I choose the chicken stock, and at the end of our lunch, kiddos#2 request to approach the noodle station once again for his second bowl!

You are able to make your own noodle, at the noodle station
The noodle with meatballs
Enjoying his lunch

The striploin and sushi station were the one I choose as a warming up:p Oh I love the striploin! It was so juicy and perfect with the mushroom sauce.

All you can eat sushi
Isn't is very tempting?
My first plate of  the day
My second plate, the striploin once again:D

Rene headed to BBQ station, where he confused what to choose: fish, meat, prawn and even saslick were served. Finally he showed me a lamb chop on his plate, and when we tried it, it taste really good! The best lamb chop that I have ever tried. I guess the mushroom sauce made all the steak dish at Feast Restaurant even more special. I should have asked the chef what is the recipe of the mushroom sauce. 

The barbecue station
You should try this lamb chop, really.

Let's move to dessert, it's time for kiddos to have their party. We went to the ice cream station, I ordered one cheese and chocolate crepes with green tea and strawberry ice cream (Ok I know... I will be on mayo diet next month:D), while kiddos asked for their chocolate ice cream. A moment later, they were busy with the toppings for their ice cream. Heaven for kids (and for me too)!  

Finally, the ice cream they had been waiting for
Those busy hands:D
Hmmm yummy ice cream!
Other than ice cream, these also were
on kiddos#1's plate  

As an Indonesian, I had to try the local dish as well (yeah, what an excuse:p). So I grab some fruits with the rujak sauce. Beside rujak, Feast Restaurant also provide lotek -vegetables mixed with peanut sauce- a traditional dish from West Java.

Love the mango!
The lotek station

Actually we still have one hour for our lunch at Feast Restaurant, but we were full already, so we ended our lunch knowing that we still have our cocktail party at 4 pm, which is included in our Towers room reservation.

Thank you Sheraton Bandung for the great lunch at Feast Restaurant:)

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written on December 21, 2014 by @tesyasblog

Feast Restaurant - Sheraton Bandung
Lunch buffet from 12.00 to 02.30 pm
IDR 125,000 ++ per person.


We were guests of Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers, however the opinion written here are ours, based on our personal experience.

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  1. Ah bikin ngiler, aku blm kesampaian woles2 makan disana :-(

    1. Ayo Kak Cumi makan sini, apalagi rame-rame, seru pastinya :)

  2. banderkcinnonya udah belum? eenaaakk aku mauu lagi

  3. Less than 10 euro for such a buffet, absolutely worth hah? :-)

    kalau aku disitu pasti manteng di bubur ayam, pempek, siomay...eh ada gak? :))

    1. Yes absolutely worth it!
      Menu siomay dan bubur ada di makan pagi Kak, dan itu ya siomanya juara!

  4. wah murah, jadi curiga, harga segitu belum termasuk minum ya?

    hilton aja lebih mahal dikit belum termasuh harga minum.

    1. Belum termasuk minum, tapi dapet air putih sih.