[Featured Post] 10 Things Which Made Sheraton The Best Family Hotel in Bandung

I seldom give "excellent" rating for my tripadvisor review, my highest review score usually "very good". However, having stayed in Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers (this is a featured post, please see disclaimer below), I gave my tripadvisor review on Sheraton Bandung an "excellent" rating.

For our family, Sheraton Bandung succeeded to get the title of "The Best Family Hotel in Bandung". There are lot of things why this hotel deserve such a title. 

I listed 10 of them:

Super cool pool at the middle of the hotel

1. Spacious Room: Even For The Four of Us

We stayed at the Towers Room, on the same floor as the Towers Lounge. From its name: Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers, there are rooms located in the hotel area, as well as rooms in the Towers area.

Our room is very spacious, it has a king bed and a round shape sofa. Even with an extra bed, the room was still spacious. It's perfect for a family stay:)

The Towers Room

Other thing we love from our Towers Room is the balcony with a view to Dago valley. I woke up in the morning and enjoy the sunshine with a cup of tea.

Good morning world:)

2. Lovely Pool for The Whole Family

We love the pool area so much. It is uniquely shaped, with one pool for adult and the other one for toddler. Not too mention those white little cabana in a shape of Hersheys' Kisses chocolate!

Let's have a dip

3. Horse Riding on Weekends

Sheraton Bandung provides horses for the children on weekends. We found one horse on Saturday, and two on the following day. Our kiddos have never enjoyed the horse riding before, but in Sheraton, kiddos were able to ride the horses by themselves. Ooh, look at those happy faces!

The horse riding area is located near the Playground of Sheraton. There's ample space where children would enjoy the horse riding activities so much.

4. Kids Give Away: A Personal Touch from Sheraton

Upon arrival, we received welcome drink and cookies at our room ((Surprise!)) Not only that, there were two bags for our kiddos, which contains teddy bears with their names, drawing book, a box of crayon and drink bottles. Thank you Sheraton!

Strawberry juice, hot chocolate, and the cookies!
We will take these teddy bears on our
 family travel exploring Indonesia and the world:)

5. Kids Menu on Breakfast and Lunch Buffet

Sheraton is really serious in making their hotel as a family hotel. On the buffet menu, there will be one station especially for kids, providing ice cream, marshmallow, lolipops, cookies, Oreo milkshake and donuts. 

Our kiddos enjoyed the buffet lunch and breakfast so much, that they refuse to take the breakfast at Towers Lounge. Kiddos#2 who is 5 years old, even took his food by himself, as he was really comfortable with the friendly and helpful staffs of Sheraton.

Ice cream for breakfast, why not said kiddos#2:p
Yummy donuts
Which one will he choose?

6. Play at Sheraton

Playground is heaven for all children, and Sheraton has it both indoor and outdoors! The playground equipment is well maintained, and so does the toys inside the "Play at Sheraton". 

The staffs will keep the children busy, and you can relax at the gazebo located not far from the playground.

7. Cooking Class and Free Flow Ice Cream on Sunday

YES! It is free for your kids at the kids playground every Sunday only.

Yes, chocolate ice cream!

Kiddos also join the cooking class that Sunday, whereas they made pancake with maple syrup. Well, the pancake and donuts were provided, kids only have to add toppings for the pancake or donuts. It is still fun for them though.

The what so called "cooking class"

8. Amazing Bathroom with A Huge Bathtub

When we first saw the bathtub in the bathroom, kiddos directly request to have a bath. I would do the same, If I were the kids. The bathtub is huge!  

Bandung was raining after we arrived at Sheraton, so the bathtub was a substitute for the pool that day.

Huge bathroom, huge bathtub and a shower

While kiddos love the bathtub, I like the raindrop shower! It was indeed a luxury stay:)

9. Beautiful Gardens All Over The Place

This resort has so many beautiful gardens, which make kids have many space to move around. The gardens are beautiful on the afternoon and romantic at night.

10. A Yoga Class For The Parents

Activities provided by the hotel is not only for the kids. They also provide a yoga class at 6.30 pm on Sunday. Frankly speaking, I have never done Yoga before, but as I woke up early in the morning, and our kiddos still asleep, I went to the yoga class, located near the playground.

It was really peaceful to do the yoga in an outdoor listening to the birds and breathe the fresh air of Bandung in the morning. The yoga class at Sheraton had opened my eyes: it was something that I need beside the cardio that I do twice a week. 

Now I had signed up for a yoga class in the sport club near my house:D 


Thank you Sheraton for the memorable weekend.

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written on December 24, 2014 by@tesyasblog

We were guests of Sheraton Bandung Hotel &Towers, however the opinion written here are ours, based on our personal experience.

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  1. Yaa Allah kamar mandi nya gede banget yaaaa, kece kece aku suka.
    Duch masih ngiler2 blm kesampean kesini

    1. Kece banget Kak Cumi, itu bathtub-nya bener-bener besar:)

  2. Sekarang Sheraton Bandung tambah bagus ya setelah direnovasi, terakhir nginep di Sheraton 2 tahun lalu, nuansanya masih kecoklatan dan playgroundnya jadul dari kayu dan udah rusak, lokasinya pun kayak diatas bukit, nggak safety buat anak2.. sekarang playgroundnya keren, ada indoor dan outdoornya, desainnya putih bersih dan lebih modern.... boleh ni nginep disini lagi :)

    1. Iya Kak, setelah renovasi jadi bener-bener baru auranya. Ayo nginep lagi ya:)

  3. aku paling suka sama taman yg punya lampu kayak ubur-ubur ituu ;3

    1. Hehe iya Mei, kamarku depan taman ubur-ubur yg keren itu:D

  4. Wihhhh jadi pengen nginep kesini 😍😍😍

    Asik bgt dpt compliment dari hotelnyaaa. Caranya gimana? Pengen ngajakin si kecil kesini jugaa

    1. Aku kebetulan diundang Mas. Iya enak banget bawa keluarga nginep di Sheraton Bandung :)