[Featured Post] Dinner at Toastina Sheraton Bandung

There was a wedding party held during our weekend getaway in Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers (this is a featured post, see disclaimer below). So Miss Isma who was responsible for the Towers Lounge, gave us two option: dinner at Samara or Towers Lounge. Samara is the lounge located at the lobby of Sheraton.

Then I asked Miss Isma, whether we could have dinner at Toastina, a cafe located outside the lobby of Sheraton. Miss Isma said it was ok, both of the lounge and also Toastina will serve food from Feast Restaurant, because of the wedding is held at Feast Restaurant.

I have read about Toastina Pastry and Coffee House over the internet, all the reviews mentioned how cozy this place is. The coffee and the affordable price are often mentioned as the highlights by the reviewers of Toastina.

Yup, indeed it is a cozy place

I entered Toastina, and confirm once again to the friendly waiter, whether we could have dinner at the coffee shop. She said it was no problem at all. Yeay!
So we enjoyed all the cakes displayed, but we were too full to try because we just finished our cocktails at Towers Lounge

All the cakes look inviting, I am sure you agree with me after seeing these pictures.

Which one do you like?
I spotted purple macaroons!

When you are inside, you will feel that Toastina is very homey. No wonder that this coffee shop is aimed to target those who would like to find a convenient place to meet friends or colleagues. 

I find it very comfortable to sit inside with my family. But Kiddos request to sit on the sofa, just outside Toastina.  

A private place for friends and families
Serving beverages with Illy coffee
It's the smoking area, overlooking the hotel's lobby

We moved outside to a lovely sofa. Didn't know how to eat on those sofa by the way, but we managed it somehow:D

Sofa area in front of Toastina
Imagine to eat dinner on a couch:p

Here comes the food and beverages we ordered: the tuna salad which ordered by Rene taste really special. You should order it when you have dinner at Feast Restaurant. I like my margaritta pizza, and kiddos ate all the fried rice and fried noodle. 

While for the beverages, we ordered a Vanilla Milkshake, an Orange Juice and a cold coffee for Rene. All the drinks were really good, I am sure because it was served by the barista of Toastina.

We couldn't eat all the pizza, so we took it to our room and Kiddos ate the pizza before our swimming session on the following day.

From our dinner at Toastina, I believe this place is not only for your coffe or high tea. You could also mix your order: food from the Feast and beverages from Toastina.

I will be back for the high tea very soon I hope.

written on December 26, 2014 by @tesyasblog

We were guests of Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers, however the opinion written here are ours, based on our personal experience.

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