10 Reasons Why You Should Stay At Wisana Village Redang Island, Malaysia

I have never heard about Redang Island before (which is located a 45 minutes speedboat ride from Kuala Terengganu-Malaysia), until a friend of mine introduced this island.

"You should go to Redang Island if you like snorkeling" he told me while we were enjoying our stay at Anoi Itam Resort, in Weh Island, Indonesia. He told me how pristine the beaches in Redang is. I started to google and fell in love with it. Since then Redang Island was on my family traveling bucketlist...

... and a year later, we visited Redang Island :)

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Komodo Trip With Kids: Sunrise at Gili Lawa

On the last morning of our live aboard trip (LOB) in Komodo, all of us woke up before 5 am and getting ready for the trekking to see the the sunrise at Gili Lawa. We also woke our Kiddos up because they said that they wanted to join the trekking as well. But then the captain said that it was not recommended to take the kids up to the hill in the dark. After some negotiation, our Kiddos agreed to stay on the boat with @ibupenyu.

We transferred by our small speed boat to the beach, it was still dark, and we had to climb up to the hill. Yup the highest hill in the below picture! Thousand of stars accompanied our walk. It was indeed a special morning for us.

The hill, the stars and the darkness at Gili Lawa
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Komodo Trip With Kids: Enjoying Sunset at Gili Lawa

One of the most exotic hilly area that we visited in Komodo was Gili Lawa, and our trip organizer @ibupenyu had a plan for our group to do a light trekking to see sunset at Gili Lawa.

We arrived around 3.30 pm at Gili Lawa, on our way from Pink Beach to Gili Lawa, the wave was huge. We had to hold everything on the table because the boat was shaking. Our Kiddos#2 fell asleep while Kiddos#1 was afraid that he requested me to pray out loud during the journey. Alhamdulillah we arrived safely at Gili Lawa.

The big boat used by our group approaching Gili Lawa
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Komodo Trip With Kids: The Beauty of Pink Beach

I have heard and seen how beautiful Pink Beach in Komodo Island is, but still it was different when I see it with my own eyes. How should I describe it? It was stunning as not only the beach, but also the underwater world was dominated by pink. It was also a very secluded beach, perfect to spend a family time.

We visited Pink Beach on the second day of our liveaboard trip in Komodo Island. And so far this was our favorite snorkeling spot in Indonesia.

The bears on the Pink Beach

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Komodo Trip With Kids: Thousand of Bats at Kalong Island

After visiting Rinca Island, everyone gathered in the smaller boat because we needed to save time to get to Kalong Island ("Kalong" means bat). Our smaller boat was faster than the bigger one. We had to be there before sunset to watch all the bats going out for their dinner.

Our journey started around 5 pm, leaving the Rinca Island behind us.

We were ready to go
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