Cycling at Coney Island Singapore

This is my second post regarding Punggol Waterway Singapore, I bet you've read how we got lost in Punggol Waterway by foot. Now let's continue the story by exploring this area on a bike.

Well, I always wanted to do cycling in Singapore. But I have never found a bicycle rental place, until I found the GoCycling FB page. We decided to have it a try and visited their branch at Punggol Promenade.

How to go to Punggol Promenade: head to Punggol MRT station, exit the station to the bus terminal. Take bus number 84, and stop at Punggol Promenade (bus stop: Punggol Road End). From a distance you will see the Go Cycling counter inside a park.

Go Cycling was easy to spot

We rented two bicycles cost SGD8 per hour for each bike. So we rented 2 hours, and as a bonus we got the 3rd hour free of charge. For your information, helmets were not included in the rental fee. 
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Evergreen Residences Singapore Review

Nowadays it is hard to find a place to stay in a decent room with an en suite bathroom under 100 dollar in Singapore. Hotels in the city center offers room starting from SGD110. Your only choice might only be to stay in the hostels, which cost around SGD30 per person. 

If you are looking for a hotel in Singapore under 100 dollar, you have to choose a hotel which is located a little bit out of the city, but with an easy access to the MRT station as well as to the bus stops.

One of the option is to stay at Evergreen Residences in Aljunied area, a new residences building which is located 3 minutes away from the bus stops, and 10 minutes away both to Aljunied and Mountbatten MRT Station (Aljunied and Mountbatten are in the green and orange MRT line respectively).

In front of Evergreen Residences, Singapore
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Lost at Punggol Waterway Singapore

Yeay! So happy that I and mr.husband decided to have a weekend getaway in Singapore once again. This time, I wanted to do something different, and go to a place which we have never been before in Singapore.

After those blogs walking and googling, our choice was to cycle at Punggol Waterway, this place was found when I search information about Singapore National Parks.  

I have read, that we had to take bus 84 from Punggol MRT and alight at the Punggol Road End bus stop. But it was our first opportunity to take LRT in Singapore. I wouldn't miss that!

And that's how we got lost in Punggol Waterway. We took the wrong direction from Damai LRT Station, and suddenly we were on a bridge surrounded by huge apartments. 

The Punggol Waterway, between the apartments
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Kawah Putih Bandung, A Magnificent Place To Visit

Despite being born in Bandung and having lived there until I graduate from the university, I have never visited Kawah Putih (Oh shame on me!). So on a weekend, I and mr.husband visited Kawah Putih, after dropping off our Kiddos at their grandparents' house. They wanted to see their grandparents straight away, so I and mr.husband decided to have a date.

When we reached the place and seeing the beauty of Kawah Putih, I asked myself, "Where have I been?!" Kawah Putih is amazingly beautiful.

The magnificent Kawah Putih
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Two Hands Full Coffee, Bandung

If you succeed to reach Pasteur Bandung Toll Exit very early on a Saturday morning, then why not start your day with the most delicious coffee in Bandung?

I knew this cafe, Tho Hands Full Coffee from instagram, and from all those beautiful pictures of the cafe uploaded on instagram, I knew I had to visit Two Hands Full, Bandung.

Located on one of the most busiest road in Bandung (especially on weekends), Jalan Sukajadi. If you come from Pasteur, you will find Parijs Van Java Mall (PVJ) on your left, then just go straight. Two Hands Full Coffee will be on your right, with only a small sign. 

Once you stepped in, you will be amazed by how cool this place is.

Beautiful interior of Two Hands Full Coffee

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Breakfast at Hummingbird, Bandung

Saturday is our day to do cafe hopping in Bandung. This is the time when Bandung's traffic is still ok and cafes which provide breakfast are usually still empty.

Having visited Miss Bee, we would like to try Miss Bee's sister cafe called Hummingbird. Actually it's not a new place, but we haven't got a chance to visit it. 

Hummingbird Eatery and Guesthouse is located on Jalan Progo Bandung, minutes away from the famous Factory Outlets on Jalan Riau, Bandung. You can find their first branch at Kuningan City, Jakarta, as well.

We were welcomed by the bird:p
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