A must visit place in the western part of Indonesia. Banda Aceh is a beautiful city with lots of delicious food to try.

Pulau Weh (Weh Island) is only 45 minutes away from Banda Aceh, and it is a very beautiful island. Read our long weekend at Pulau Weh here

Looking for a hotel in Sabang? Read our review here.

Going to Bali? Read our posts on Bali here and also for food lovers, you can read our recommended restaurant in this link. We will never ever get bored exploring Bali.

If you are looking for hotel to stay in Bali, you may read our Bali's hotel reviews for your reference.

This is the city where I came from, Bandung is the food paradise! Read our culinary experience in Bandung. Or you may also would like to read our hotel review in Bandung

Take a drive to Lembang and visit the famous Lembang Floating Market.

Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy Car Free Night on Jalan Asia Afrika. Or to ride on the Bandung Tour on Bus just like what we did.

Aside from shopping, don't forget to enjoy the Batam seafood :)

Parai Beach is a must visit place, located only one hour from the airport in Pangkal Pinang. Read also our holiday with Kiddos at Parai Beach.

Food in Pangkal Pinang are so delicious, don't miss my fave Mie Koba as well.

Our story watching solar eclipse 2016 in Bangka, could be read here.


When I came back from Belitung, I told my friends, "Belitung is more beautiful than Bali or Lombok!" Yes I fell in love with Belitung! Read our holiday stories in Belitung here.

We share also our Belitung hotel reviews of Lor InBahamas and Aston Hotel.

This is the closest city from our home now, and it is always nice to spend weekend in Bogor, there's always new food to try there.

Our fave place to spend the lazy Sunday morning is the Pasar Apung Sentul (Ah Poong Floating Market).

A city with yummy food! Read our one day culinary experience in Cirebon here and also the review of Aston Hotel and Swiss-Belhotel Cirebon.

My experience visiting the first floating market in Indonesia was when I visited Lok Baintan, a very memorable trip for me.

Visiting Tanjung Puting National Park with Kids? Why not? We had a fabulous family holiday in Tanjung Puting. We loved to live on board and seeing the Orang Utans.

Komodo Trip
Our live on board experience day by day exploring Komodo island could be read in this link.

We also provide detail review of the places we visited in Komodo Island. Enjoy our posts!

See our video during our family trip to Komodo Day 1 in this link.

Our experience exploring Lombok is written here. Also try our fave hotel in Lombok called The Puncak.

Probably the best city to spend your pension time is here in Malang, nice and cheap food, fresh air, its greenery, aahh I miss the city so much.

Where to stay in Malang? Read the following reviews:
- Merbabu Guest House
- Graha Cakra
- Hotel Harris Malang
- Hotel Santika Premier Malang

Our story of visiting Malang with our Kiddos could be read here.

Batu Secret Zoo is a must visit place when you visit Malang.

Our culinary experience in Palembang could be read here.

Our lovely coffee shop called Kimteng is the must visit place to have your breakfast.

Also read our hotel review in Pekanbaru here.

What to do in Pontianak? Aside from enjoying the food, also visit the icon of Pontianak which is the Equator Monument.

If you have time, take a 3 hours drive to Singkawang, a rich cultural city in West Kalimantan. 

It's said that Sulawesi is the most beautiful island in Indonesia.. Though that I haven't visited many places in Sulawesi, I agree that Sulawesi is very beautiful!

Another metropolitan in Indonesia, it's a hectic city yet has many unique food to try.

A magical sunrise of Bromo is something you should do in Indonesia!

Only an hour away from Yogyakarta, Solo is our fave city to relax and enjoy the culinary experience of Solo.

Ujung Genteng
The most beautiful beach in that I have ever visited so far, and it's only 7 hours away (by car) from Jakarta, let's visit Ujung Genteng.

One of the most famous tourist destination in Indonesia, Yogyakarta is a must visit city if you are planning to explor to Indonesia. Come and enjoy the culinary experience in Yogya.


  1. Dan aku mencari yang Jakarta , hihii

    1. Hahaha ada Mba Astin sebenernya, Scientia Square Park, Ancol hehehe...ada juga di tesyaskinderen ya:)