Kedai Kopi Kim Teng

Because of my job, I had the opportunity to travel all over Indonesia and tried the delicious Indonesian food :) I visited Pekanbaru a year ago, and couldn't believe that I haven't posted this famous coffee shop in Pekanbaru called Kim Teng. I have never asked to eat in one particular place to our colleagues when they picked us up at the airport (well, I think it's not polite to do so). But this time, I requested our friends to take us to Kim Teng (I promised only this one time being not polite:p).

The place was packed when we arrived around 9 am there, and finally got two tables separately. While waiting for our food to come, I enjoyed so many advertisement hanging on their wall:p

There were so many food stalls, you may find everything here. I ordered one cup of coffee and a kaya toast. I am not a coffee lover at all, but I love this coffee. You should try it! And it was just a perfect match with the kaya toast.

Remember to visit this place to have your breakfast while visiting Pekanbaru.

written on March 21, 2013


  1. I love the toast and the coffee in that traditional cup =)

    1. Yess, I wish I were in Kimteng this morning:)

  2. Bagi yang punya usaha kedai makan cocok nih untuk menggunakan tray makanan milik greenpack. Membantu banget untuk menunjang kebutuhan kedai Anda. Dan tentunya ikut berperan dalam menaikan omzet Anda :)
    Coba kunjungi halaman berikut ini untuk informasi lebih lanjutnya :