The Best Zoo in Indonesia: Batu Secret Zoo

I have chosen Batu Secret Zoo as the best zoo that I've ever visited in Indonesia. So far, I have been to Bandung Zoo, Ragunan Zoo, Taman Safari, Bali ZooBali Bird Park and also the Reptile Park. Still, the best zoo (in Indonesia for me) is the Batu Secret Zoo. 

First thing that impressed me was the healthy animals within the zoo and also how clean the zoo is. Our effort flew all the way from Jakarta to Malang to visit the Batu Secret Zoo really worth it. 

healthy animals

Batu Secret Zoo located in an area called Jatim Park 2. Other than the zoo, there are Museum Satwa (museum of animal) and also the Eco Green Park. A park hopper ticket includes all the three parks cost IDR 110.000 on weekends. As we arrived at 1 pm, we decided to visit only the Batu Secret Zoo and Museum Satwa. We bought a ticket cost IDR 90.000 (for both parks) on weekends. 

Our kiddos really enjoyed their first visit to Batu Secret Zoo. Our no#1 kiddos loves animal so much, and feeding animals is one of his fave activity. At the Batu Secret Zoo, he could enjoy feeding some animals including these flamingos.

flamingo at Batu Secret Zoo

close and personal encounter with the flamingo

Not only enjoying the animals, our ticket including free entry to the waterpark and also to the fantasy land, where kiddos could play all the games for free! Yes for FREE :)

it's a free ride at the fantasy land

a Toy Story waterpark

The best ride at Fantasy Land was the animal farm, where we hopped on at the back of a tractor, entering an area of animals and feed them right from where we sat.

happy kiddos feeding the animals

We stayed at the zoo until we heard an announcement that the zoo is going to be close in 15 minutes:p But lucky us, staying there until the night comes meaning enjoying the beautiful view of Batu with the lights and the mountain.

stay until the zoo is (almost) close to get this view

We walked to the exit and try to get into the Museum Satwa. The guard still allowed us to get in although it is 5 minutes to the closing time. What we saw inside was amazing, and I am proud that I could find this great museum in my country.

magnificent Museum Satwa at Batu Secret Zoo

If you plan to spend one whole day at Jatim Park 2, there's an accommodation within the area called Pohon Inn (Pohon in Bahasa Indonesia means tree), a hotel with a shape of a tree. Ensure you get a room facing the zoo, and enjoy the sounds of the animals at night. We didn't stay here though as we had to catch a midday flight on the next day. We stayed at Harris Malang, which was only 20 minutes away from the airport.

Pohon Inn, located beside the Zoo's entrance

I might say that the Batu Secret Zoo and Museum Satwa in Batu City, Malang is one of the must visit kids destination in Indonesia. I really recommend this place.

written on June 27, 2013

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  1. Hmmm... Itu Gunung Welirang apa Arjuno yah yang dicapture dari kebun binatangnya? :D

    1. hmmm juga, itu sepertinya gunung Panderman Ayu, cantik ya di sore menjelang malam:)

  2. mbak...dari hotel Harris ke Bandaranya naik apakah?


    1. Hai Mba Ade, kami naik shuttle dari Harris Malang. Minivan oranye bertuliskan Harris. Waktu itu sih kami free, enggak tau skrg bayar ga ya.