Warung Bambu

After spending a whole day at Batu Secret Zoo, we were looking for a kids friendly restaurant in Malang or Batu to have our dinner. We didn't have a proper lunch because kiddos wanted to go directly to the zoo upon arrival in Batu. As kiddos were very hungry that evening, we decided to look for a restaurant in Batu.

I remember visiting a resto called Warung Bambu about a year ago, as recommended by @alisahaqiqi. That time we had a driver who took us there, so I didn't notice how to get to Warung Bambu from Batu Secret Zoo. So this time we had to ask people how to get there, and after a 30 minutes of search, we arrived at Warung Bambu. Kiddos choose where they wanted to seat, a table where they could put their legs in the fish pond were chosen.

kiddos could play with the fish while eating

We need to walk through a narrow lane to get to the resto. There are some restaurants near the parking place, but the Warung Bambu located at the back of those restaurants.

We ordered their fish (grilled and fried one), fried calamari, and also the spicy Kangkung Balacan (water spinach). For all the food we ordered, we had to pay around IDR 200,000.

the grilled fish taste so good:)

Other than enjoying the food, the ambiance of Warung Bambu was very nice, especially at night. And the most important thing was, kiddos love this place. They enjoy playing with the fishes so we could rest a while after walking the whole day at the zoo:p

sharing the fish food

happy feet:D

This restaurants is usually very busy during lunch and dinner time. We came at 6.30 pm on Saturday night before the peak hour, and it is recommended to come early to this resto.

written on June 29, 2013

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  1. aduh ikan bakarnya keliatannya yummy banget